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Monday, 28 November 2011

Mark Webber can 'best tonic' overcome next season


Mark Webber is confident victory at the close of the Brazilian Grand Prix season will be the 'best tonic' for him to appear more robust in the championship Formula One (F1) in 2012. 35-year-old Australian driver was overshadowed by Red Bull teammate, who is also a double world champion Sebastian Vettel this year - Vettel completed 11 wins with 15 to lift the title next box a second time.
I started badly for various reasons but we see all things in order to continue to the highest levels. When the measurement set at the highest level, I do not just look at Prev alone.
"There Jenson (Button), Fernando (Alonso), all of them at the top. This is the best tonic for me to race. This bodes well for the end of the season. "I can not wait to relax this winter, and come back better." Webber ahead after 30 rounds when Vettel's gearbox problems, but the Australian driver said he almost won it - but squeezed hard luck . "This is the victory that I took because I received a lot of luck. But this is the motorsports world. The victory was important for me and the team is at the top.


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