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Monday, 30 May 2011

Barcelona The winner of champions league


Lionel Messi might be inspiring glory sink Barcelona Manchester United 3-1 in Champions League final but the achievement of its officials-Champion, Pep Guardiola outside the field, should not be denied since the holding duties in 2008.

Guardiola driving Barca won three championships in a row as well as take over the task problematic than Frank Rijkaard's squad who was fired despite Ronaldinho when it strengthened to be able to subvert the strict enemy Real Madrid.
But Ronaldinho is a milestone triumph Champions League-Winner 2006 with both Deco and Rafa Marquez also likely to be a factor in 2008 to Barca lose ,problems among specialists and the referring agency president, Joan Laporta safe only with dice do not believe that thin.
Inaugural Guardiola is still superficial experience as if one gambling but he comes with its own football philosophy, use proper  game short delivery and high discipline to turn the original legacy "forces Dream 'Johan Cruyff who gave Barça the league title and four European Cup at Wembley 1992.

The move to Italy in 2001 at the beginning of his career as jurulatih, also helped him learn the interests of preparation and discipline of troops to allow it to build the line when this berkualiti but Guardiola has remained humble themselves and deny he was trying to compete with the 'Forces Dream' Cruyff.

"They (Cruyff), pioneer and we will be unable to match despite winning many trophies. They were the squad that this club a long dry finish. After that, there (Louis) van Gaal, Rijkaard and me but it definitely impossible without their contributions prior to this, "said Guardiola.

Development of young players that will be absorbed in the system is another major troop important element in giving the players such as Cruyff to give birth Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez and Guardiola are now able to see Sergio Busquets and Pedro who first knocked on the door of the main squad.
Guardiola continues to hold the philosophy of Cruyff and  at Wembley has ever witnessed as a player, he helped his student that changed the history of Barca but he is also conscious than young player, he helped to control a set of unique players like Messi.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ferguson in a Dilemma


MANCHESTER: Sir Alex Ferguson admitted Manchester United put the line in situations of dilemma to choose the best players before the Champions League final rivals, European champion, this last week.
United boss Ferguson has seen the squad that won the league championship to close the curtains when the domestic season with a victory over Blackpool won 4-2 at Old Trafford that it get rid of opponents of Prime League next season.That decision ensures United's finishing with nine eyes in front of the troops a second staircase, Chelsea - the biggest gap since overcome Arsenal's championship with an excess of 10 eyes in the 2000-01 season. Ferguson did nine exchange upon which the series in the Blackburn squad eight days ago to ratify the league championship to-19 times, which also creates a new record for the club.
The controller acknowledged the nation Scotland, he is important to select players for the squad that will try to find multiple championships in the rival-Champion Champion League final against Barcelona at Wembley, beginning this Sunday morning.

"I think I should establish four or five troops next week and they will not disappoint me," Ferguson said after United's rise up rather than behind 2-1 to win for the 15th time in succession in a rival league in the page itself.
Edwin van der Sar, Patrice Evra, Nemanja Vidic, Darren Fletcher and Park Ji-Sung, all was revealed when they see against Blackpool and will play a major role when against Barcelona.
Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney and Antonio Valencia are placed on deposit in the opposition benches with Tangerines, also will play with major teams.

"All reality  said this squad is not the strongest Manchester is not true.He is a wonderful outcome, "said Ferguson, referring to last sesion nine months.
"The player displays a great achievement and they deserve praise. There are plenty of greatness on display

Wenger Led Arsenal Decline


LONDON: Arsene Wenger's Arsenal is responsible for the above position which fell to fourth-League ladder British and Prime will expedite his search for the purchase of new players in an effort to stave off a similar situation next season.
Wenger's squad finished with the series 2-2 at Fulham yesterday and failed was in the top three groups, meaning they are forced to compete in the Champions League feasibility centrifugal-European Champion at the beginning of next season.Controller of France was admitted, he was a disappointment and he will shop for the season after the graduation had confirmed that six seasons squad failed to win any trophies."I feel responsible for decisions which were listed and I am so disappointed," he said.
'll fix it.Players have a good attitude. We're bringing all the disappointment and he gave a big impression on the morale of troops.

"We played 58 players and have resistance milestones that can not be reduced - Fabregas played 22 resistance, Van Persie 18 resistance.

"In the second critical determination, we never have a full sqyad.We need to know definitely stem the problem, but despite having the money is not an easy task.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Robin van persie for a rise


Arsenal's Robin van Persie desire to make the most high-income players at the club together with Cesc Fabregas.

Attackers Netherlands, Van Persie, who has scored 21 goals for this season, more two years on contract £ 70,000 (RM385, 000) a week.But the north London club are now will circumvent negotiations with the 27-year-old player entered the final season and they now will match the agreement £ 90,000 (RM495, 000) a week.

Van Persie network record prides see herself only 25 opposition lead off hit by injury throughout the season. He came with Feyenoord with a value of £ 2.75 million (RM15.1 million) in 2004 but he said he's excited Prime League action in England and do not wish to move.

Arsenal are try to sign a new agreement for the French player, Samir Nasri when Juventus interested with striker Nicklas Bendtner

Diego maradona


BUENOS AIRES: Diego Maradona is Argentina issued a fact in that unlicensed televisyen successor as coach nationality in a state of 'hangover' that free reserves because Manchester City`s striker, Carlos Tevez is not necessary for the Copa America competition.

Sergio Batista said Tevez is not necessary because he have a player like as Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Real Madrid player, Gonzalo Higuain who played in the same position. "You must be a drunk or imaginary after sucking medicine if you will not calling Tevez," Maradona told TyC yesterday input channel.

Do not tell me will you test the other players ... ” test what you declare it? "
Maradona, who last week agreed to train the United Arab Emiriyah club Al Wasl, says Messi is the player who figured diferent incompatible with the role of the center * the 9.

"Everyone has a style diferent game, but I'm not going down No Messi as a player. 9, "he said.
Tevez was also confused about cause he ignore.
"I will play for the national army," he told La Red radio station.

The realization that free charges ignore because Tevez he did not have good relations with Messi.

"I have a good relationship with the little people (Massey). ”Messi is the best in the world, it is fitting he and 10 other players, "teves said..

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Gaddafi attack ordinary people give directions


  Today i heard a news that chairman accuser criminal Court  War United Nations (UN) here, last night suggested the petition warrants catching onto the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi on charges against humanity criminal
Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said arrest warrants also  against Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam; Chairman Perisikan Libya, Abdullah al-Senussi who is also brother-in-law Gaddafi and several other employees.
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Accuser from Argentina said it has evidence Gaddafi directly led the attack on ordinary people of Libya.
He said, it was getting ready to control talking and collect solid evidence to indict those responsible.
Our officials have direct evidence to give responsible direction that unlicensed Gaddafi.
The panel of judges will decide the same ICC is to accept or reject the prosecutor's request.

Since rebuttal begins February 15 and against the government for four dekad Gaddafi, the Libyan people were killed and thousands more forced 750,000 to flee to neighboring countries.

Meanwhile in Rome, Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, said the last days of Gaddafi's regime was allowed to be calculated and half members of the royal Libya now find a way for their leaders live in exile.

The days of the Libyan regime was calculated
Some members have talked a difficult possibility Gaddafi honorable way out," Frattini said in a meeting intelevisyen channel Channel 5, last night.

Frattini said he believes they are meeting with Libyan leader is now looking for a suitable place for Gaddafi out and disappear from the political arena forever.

We cooperate with the United  Nations (UN) to find a political path that Gaddafi and his family out of this house.

Lack of sleep make weight increase


Care your health because with health,our life will be more fun.I heard a study in Europe found that lack of sleep slows down your metabolism, then cause the body to use minimalize energy.

Results of recent studies that reported the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adds to evidence of lack of sleep may cause weight gain.

The study was backing up to get sufficient sleep may stymie added weight gain, says Christian Benedict of the University of Uppsala in Sweden who chaired the study.
Our findings indicate lack of sleep a day by subtracting the use of excessive force among men sleep advice because orbit contribute to the balancing of daily use, "he wrote.
Previous studies have linked sleep deprivation with weight gain and also shows how disturbed sleep also face pressure and interfere with hormones related to hunger when the guard.

To know the truth must have a mechanism in which lack of sleep may have the impression like this, Benedict and his friend Universiti man put 14 students through some of 'state of' sleep. i hope this article usefully for you all..thank you..

Monday, 16 May 2011

My 2nd Award "Setetes Embun"


Thank you very much for allah grace the presence of still more willing to land to my life and health,so i can create this article..

This is my second of this award is "setetes embun"(A drop of dew) i received from josscowplug ,he is my friend from jakarta ( indonesia ) thank you very much joss..for this  apreciation ...

with this award my blog more fresh like as a drop of dew ( setetes embum ) and  i hope may be triggered more blogger spirit of fun and adds
intimicy among fellow blogger,and thank you again...for joss and all my friend has been suport my bad blog...

i end here first and greetings bloggers all intertwine to make unity a fellow blogger...

Monday, 9 May 2011

Osama look old


American sarekat (USA) try to subtracting the mystical in the life of osama bin laden`s country to broadcast the a video showing al-Qaeda leader was wathcing himself in television look old ordinary and not fresh,looking picture in the bellow..

in most remarkable record than five videos seized from safe houses a collection of al-Qaeda chief was broadcast to to public last night .Osama seems to sit with a blanket covered with chocolate and cool winter hat looking at television news about her escort,holding the remote in his right hand.

Allahyarham gray beard and he looked older than her age,he sat in a cubicle,playing his beard and leaned back while watching television.
Al-Qaeda always highlight the image of osama,54 when killed are not afraid of death and oficers are sacred power,but the leader of a collection of video that appear in respect of surch ordinary people,while wathcing
herself on the news.

i think clearly what they are trying to do is subtract the mystery of these icon that raged around the world sinc 10 years ago,to demontrate the fact that unlicensed he is not to big "said mark kimmit,a brigadier-general us military.
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