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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wenger Led Arsenal Decline


LONDON: Arsene Wenger's Arsenal is responsible for the above position which fell to fourth-League ladder British and Prime will expedite his search for the purchase of new players in an effort to stave off a similar situation next season.
Wenger's squad finished with the series 2-2 at Fulham yesterday and failed was in the top three groups, meaning they are forced to compete in the Champions League feasibility centrifugal-European Champion at the beginning of next season.Controller of France was admitted, he was a disappointment and he will shop for the season after the graduation had confirmed that six seasons squad failed to win any trophies."I feel responsible for decisions which were listed and I am so disappointed," he said.
'll fix it.Players have a good attitude. We're bringing all the disappointment and he gave a big impression on the morale of troops.

"We played 58 players and have resistance milestones that can not be reduced - Fabregas played 22 resistance, Van Persie 18 resistance.

"In the second critical determination, we never have a full sqyad.We need to know definitely stem the problem, but despite having the money is not an easy task.


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