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Monday, 9 May 2011

Osama look old


American sarekat (USA) try to subtracting the mystical in the life of osama bin laden`s country to broadcast the a video showing al-Qaeda leader was wathcing himself in television look old ordinary and not fresh,looking picture in the bellow..

in most remarkable record than five videos seized from safe houses a collection of al-Qaeda chief was broadcast to to public last night .Osama seems to sit with a blanket covered with chocolate and cool winter hat looking at television news about her escort,holding the remote in his right hand.

Allahyarham gray beard and he looked older than her age,he sat in a cubicle,playing his beard and leaned back while watching television.
Al-Qaeda always highlight the image of osama,54 when killed are not afraid of death and oficers are sacred power,but the leader of a collection of video that appear in respect of surch ordinary people,while wathcing
herself on the news.

i think clearly what they are trying to do is subtract the mystery of these icon that raged around the world sinc 10 years ago,to demontrate the fact that unlicensed he is not to big "said mark kimmit,a brigadier-general us military.


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