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Saturday, 30 April 2011

My 1st Award "Best Friend Award"


On this day... I want to announce to all my friends that I ...  has received my first award, the name of award is "Best Friend Award"
i get this Award from my best friend, from  jakarta ( indonesia )
his name is zhana or Nanaz bazie ..

i will say thank you so much for Allah grace the presence of still more
willing to land to my life and health ,so that could still undergo the
aktiviti for every day nature of this world..

And thank you for Nanaz bazie that has given this Award to me,I feel very very happy because this is my first award on the blogging..And also all my friends who are willing to visit to the blog that this messy.

I hopefully with this award "Best friend Award" ,goes up relation friendship is sincerity between us and
among other blogger.thank you and thank you....


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