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Saturday, 16 April 2011

How to put Rcent Post on blog


How to put recent post in your blog`s very simple and very easy...
To install this widget as usual we have to log into blogger account and go to the Design tab -> Page Elements, then add the gadget HTML / Javascript new and Copas code below into the new gadget

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </ script> <script>
    numposts var
= 5;
var showpostdate
= false;
var showpostsummary
= false;
var numchars
= 100; </ script> <script src = feeds / posts / default? orderby = published & alt = json-in-script & callback = rp "> </ script>

after copas the code,than:
  • Replace the code is colored blue with your blog address
  • var numposts -> Total latest post titles displayed.
  • var showpostdate -> Change the false to be true if you want to show the date of posting.
  • var showpostsummary -> Can be changed to true if you want to display a summary of each post title.
  • var numchars -> Number of characters in the summary. If showpostsummary be set to false then this option will have no effect.
If completed touched the code, try to save your template and then see the results. And hopefully this article can be useful for you.thank you..


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