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Monday, 30 May 2011

Barcelona The winner of champions league


Lionel Messi might be inspiring glory sink Barcelona Manchester United 3-1 in Champions League final but the achievement of its officials-Champion, Pep Guardiola outside the field, should not be denied since the holding duties in 2008.

Guardiola driving Barca won three championships in a row as well as take over the task problematic than Frank Rijkaard's squad who was fired despite Ronaldinho when it strengthened to be able to subvert the strict enemy Real Madrid.
But Ronaldinho is a milestone triumph Champions League-Winner 2006 with both Deco and Rafa Marquez also likely to be a factor in 2008 to Barca lose ,problems among specialists and the referring agency president, Joan Laporta safe only with dice do not believe that thin.
Inaugural Guardiola is still superficial experience as if one gambling but he comes with its own football philosophy, use proper  game short delivery and high discipline to turn the original legacy "forces Dream 'Johan Cruyff who gave Barça the league title and four European Cup at Wembley 1992.

The move to Italy in 2001 at the beginning of his career as jurulatih, also helped him learn the interests of preparation and discipline of troops to allow it to build the line when this berkualiti but Guardiola has remained humble themselves and deny he was trying to compete with the 'Forces Dream' Cruyff.

"They (Cruyff), pioneer and we will be unable to match despite winning many trophies. They were the squad that this club a long dry finish. After that, there (Louis) van Gaal, Rijkaard and me but it definitely impossible without their contributions prior to this, "said Guardiola.

Development of young players that will be absorbed in the system is another major troop important element in giving the players such as Cruyff to give birth Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez and Guardiola are now able to see Sergio Busquets and Pedro who first knocked on the door of the main squad.
Guardiola continues to hold the philosophy of Cruyff and  at Wembley has ever witnessed as a player, he helped his student that changed the history of Barca but he is also conscious than young player, he helped to control a set of unique players like Messi.


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