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Monday, 29 August 2011

Control of appetite


EATING fruit before eating heavy meals is a good habit, but that usually happens, the fruit is always in the meal last meal dessert or after meals.
In fact, placing the fruit is good based on the concept of stomach pillow because it does not affect the energy density of foods and total energy intake even if a person is in the blocking phase of calorie intake.
In fact, there is clinical evidence showing that significant weight loss can be achieved when the individual can cover the stomach with low energy density (eg fruit) before eating the main meals. According to the Diet and Nutrition Specialist Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras, Cindy Chua Shiu Sinn, fruits can help individuals to fill the stomach as well as reduce the amount of feed during the meal. "Currently, less research study conducted for the direct relationship between the intake of fruit and vegetables by weight. However, in chronic disease management studies, intake of fruits and vegetables considered an important part of overall disease management (including weight loss and for weight maintenance), "he said, recently. Individuals are not may restrict what they take based on calories alone. And fullness, is a reason for someone to stop eating. Says Chua, at the same level of calorie, low-energy density foods like fruits, providing a larger amount of food. This can help a person feel full faster when eating while taking a lower amount of calories. "Water and fiber may increase the amount of food and reduce the energy density. In natural conditions, fruits are rich in water and fiber. Therefore, the fruit is a good source of calories and low in energy density, "he said. Clearly, Cindy, research shows that fruits can increase the feeling of fullness, especially when taken as a whole. A comparison of cup 250 milliliters orange juice provides 88 calories of oranges with just 37 calories, eat more oranges also contain more fiber and capable of filling. "All kinds of fruit can be taken before meals weight, but preferably fresh fruit. Fiber can push food through the digestive system earlier and provide a consistent amount each time to remove the water, "he said. However, says Chua, before eating heavy meals, avoid foods that have high energy densities that are normally high in fat or sugar foods. like sweet foods, fast food and sweets.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Toddlers bedwetting


PROBLEM bedwetting child is between the concerns of parents when returning to the village or holiday. The question is, is this a regular habit that can be tolerated, especially if it continues until the child reaches the age of six?
According to UK Health Advisory Service (NHS), bedwetting, or the scientific name "nocturnal enuresis" is very common among children especially under age seven. One in five children aged seven years, one in 20 children aged 10 years dealing with bedwetting, and it is more common among boys than girls.
Sometimes bedwetting habits can also be caused by health problems like diabetes or cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). There are also among some children, this behavior may be due can`t to antidiuretic hormone produce enough functional control urine production at night. However, in general, we need to know the facts more easily, some children develop control over bladder urine is quite late compared to other children. He may also face psychological problems because of problems at school or home, for example. For adults, when the bladder is full at night, the brain will keep the bladder to empty. The ability to undergo this process is not there a natural birth. Instead, it formed gradually and by the age of six, a child generally have the ability. However, between seven per cent of children in the surrounding 10 years of age and between one to two percent of teenagers in the age of 15 years are still experiencing this problem. Especially if the mother or father or both was also faced with the problem of bedwetting during childhood, the children face the risk to between 75 to 40 percent for the experience. Although most parents believe that eventually the child will be able to deal with this problem in line with the increase age, some children who need help. Believe it or not, the method to overcome bedwetting habits is hypnosis. Some people define hypnosis as a condition of all outstanding individual focus that causes a sense of calm and relaxing. When the hypnosis session, the mind is open to more suggestions than usual. Children said in a state of self hypnosis (self-hypnosis) when they play alone. Actors or athletes often using hypnosis to improve their performance. Generally, hypnosis enables them to learn to change perceptions, feelings and attitudes. Hypnosis can also be used to reduce the fear, pain control or change bad habits. In 2004, a study published in the Journal of Norwegian Medical Association to submit the use of hypnosis techniques to children who are dealing with bedwetting habits. The report said, hypnosis is one effective treatment to address the chronic problem of bedwetting. Principal, London College of Clinical Hypnosis in Malaysia (LCCH), Sheila Menon, said that bedwetting is a common problem caused embarrassment to the children and their parents make difficult hearts. "A child is too young to understand the logic of adults. Thus, they will become too focused on image bedwetting. The images will result in embarrassment and made ​​them depressed. "Hypnosis can help overcome this problem. The first thing a member of the hypnotherapy will do is to focus the attention back to the problems of family members as a dry bed. Sometimes it is enough, "he said. Clearly, Sheila, children are faced with the problem of bedwetting can be trained mentally on the bedtime routine. Generally, when the bladder of a child was full, they will wake up and go to the toilet before returning to sleep happy. "In the case of bedwetting, hypnosis therapist will teach techniques to control bladder muscles and to the subconscious. What is important, the problem of bedwetting is not a disease. Instead it is the ability to control bladder muscles and a child. Therefore, as parents, impatient with habits and at the same time, help him solve the problem.

five children overcome bedwetting guide
1.See a doctor to stop the problem if your child is aged six or seven years. Tests will be conducted to ensure that children are free from the bladder infection.

2.Do not law because it gives the child more stress. These children are not able to control his habit and the punishment will affect the identity.

3.Respect the personal rights - children's shame as bedwetting, and of course he did not want others to know about the problem.

4.Teach children wake up at night to urinate. Practice every night to educate the mind and body to wake up to urinate before she urinated in bed.

5.Think positive and patient. Tell yourself the effort a child takes to stop the habit. Intolerant attitude just makes it more stressful.

Friday, 19 August 2011



Treated hemophilia blood disease rare illness, but little hemophilia`s people community with their parents or their families, caregivers and physicians remain active through the Haemophilia Society of Malaysia (PHM) to reach out, inform and enlighten the public on the existence and danger of this disease.
PHM has also participated in two previous Camp Asia-Pacific Haemophilia and this year, Taiwan's turn to host the program organized in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, Bayer HealthCare Asia Pacific and the Haemophilia Society of Taiwan.
The third time this camp together more than 100 participants from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand with the theme of 'Enjoy the best of life - hemophilia or not' take place from 15 to 18 July at the Uni-Resort Mawudu, Taiwan. Assembly saw the patient, caregivers and medical professionals from various countries to share while enriching the knowledge and information through a variety of fun activities. This year, 40 children and young people with hemophilia aged 7 to 17 years selected to attend this camp. Representing the PHM is a representative with a doctor and five patients, Lam Weng Hong, 13; Nabil Firdaus Mohd Nazri, 11; Mohd Hazim Qayyum Hishamullah , 13; Haron Mohd Ali, 7, and Kevin Vun Kai Hee, 11, together with their mothers who were flown Bayer HealthCare Asia Pacific with a media entourage. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Consultant Paediatrician, Indonesia, Dr. Chozie Novie Amelia, the third time attending the camp respect, said he was proud of the positive development of hemophilia patients has matured and is able to manage themselves well. "Above all, they have the opportunity to meet peers from other countries and enrich yourself with the right attitude to face life challenges," he said, also one of the speakers at a workshop to discuss the angle of the widespread and hemophilia care in Indonesia and Malaysia. Participants are not only trained dare throw the ideas and give feedback through various workshops, and even taught a balanced diet, exercise, hydrotherapy water itself as well as injecting drugs in home using portable kits hemophilia. Parent patients might join a dialogue and a special forum aims to enrich their skills as caregivers, thus preparing the child to manage themselves independently and correctly. Dr. Novie through his paper, managed to share the facts about the wide spread of rates hemophilia in Indonesia, which currently has 1,200 registered patients. Three-quarters of children have the disease do not have access to proper treatment for a healthy and prosperous life. In fact, he said, the number of people with Haemophilia A in the republic was five times greater than for Haemophilia B. "To date a refund only for patient health care government employees registered with the Health Insurance Scheme Indonesia (Askes) or poor patients through Community Health Guarantee. This is because governments do not have enough funds to purchase the product to cover the cost of prophylactic treatment. "Therefore, in Indonesia we focus therapy on request. However, perhaps the end of this year, another factor IX product for the treatment of Haemophilia B is available in the Indonesian market.


.Blood disease as a result of a lifetime with little or no blood clotting factor
.Usually inherited, affecting male.
.May also suffer through genetic mutation.
.An estimated 1.100 people registered with the National Blood Centre (PDN).
.PDN is recognized center of excellence in the management of hemophilia countries provide free treatment and medicines.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pregnant young age


REPORT pregnant teenagers and abandonment associated with the misconduct, is too often displayed media. Wrong if any of you who think it is just an isolated case because it can happen to them in the city and even in far-flung villages.
Not only in Malaysia but also worldwide statistics show that nearly 80 million of the 210 million pregnancies are unplanned pregnancies.
A sharp increase in extra-marital pregnancies among teenagers is not just social crisis but also affect the economy. The proof, in the United States, pregnant at a young age crisis result in a loss of RM21.3 billion in terms of return on the taxpayer incurred it includes expenditure in terms of public assistance, healthcare management, family and criminal legal systems. In Malaysia as a developing country, we can not bear the adverse impact of pregnancy in teens. The problem of school dropout, unmarried and likely to get on welfare compared to reference peers. Illegitimate children were not spared experiencing problems due to the low level of health, cognitive development is slower and more serious behavior problems than their peers. Founder and Executive Chairman-cum-Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology, PrimaNora Medical Centre, Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, said , increase the number of teenage pregnancy is due to more people having sex at a young age. "survey in 1994 and 1996 by the National Population and Family Development (LPPKN), showed 24 percent of teens aged 13 to 19 years ever had sex. Most noticeable is the peer pressure to persuade them to perform sexual activities, "he said at the launch of 'Yes, I Can,' recently. The campaign organized by the Asia-Pacific Contraceptives (APCOC), Obstetrics and Gynaecology Association of Malaysia (OGSM) Reproductive Health and the Federation of Malaysia (FRHAM) in cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering Pharma Malaysia. It aims to tackle the problem of unplanned pregnancies and abandoned babies through awareness and education can be obtained through the website According to Dr Nor Ashikin, what is to be regretted, given the normal reaction is' everyone's doing it. " Obviously insistence to have sex is around them that influence school friend, more than 20,000 sexual scenes on television, including ads, drama series and entertainment programs. Music is also indirectly stimulates the human sexual act activating melatonin, the hormone of the pineal gland in the brain. It is activated by darkness and turned off the lights and the same glands that are programmed to trigger the changes of puberty and affects the reproductive cycle and sexual desire of man. According to Dr Nor Ashikin, lack of knowledge of contraception lead to perceptions of society towards sex education is still a taboos and no way to manage the pregnancy resulted in many newborns, discarded. "Surprisingly, most of the attacking efforts to introduce sex education in the country, just hold on to the notion that knowledge is harmful. Instead the study proves the ignorance and curiosity that is not resolved, it is harmful, not knowledge.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brazil advanced to the quarter-finals


Brazil scored three goals in the second half to sink out of Saudi Arabia 3-0 and reach the quarter-final against title contenders Spain Under-20 World Cup FIFA .
Striker Henry put Brazil ahead after counter-attack in the 46th minute, Gabriel Silva added a second with a shot from the edge of the penalty box in the 69th minute and substitute Dudu complete the victory from close range on 86 minutes.
The victory enabled the four-time champion advanced to the quarterfinals against another giant, Spain qualified ahead after overcoming South Korea through penalty shootout. After Brazil struggled past the defenses, Saudi Arabia in the first half, Henry quickly put Brazil ahead in the the second half. midfielder Fernando started the play by passing to the striker William, the lure of easy Henrique and the striker shot past goalkeeper Abdullah Alsdairy. Willian also involved in the second goal, carried the ball on the left, past the opponent's defense in the penalty box and passing to Gabriel Silva, who easily pushed. Dudu entering at minute 61 after Henry injured arm, equip the network with the series after lorongan beautiful shot Danilo. "It was a balanced match at halftime because of Saudi Arabia appear greater than us, "said Brazil coach Ney Franco. "We're changing it in the second half and returned to play a whole heart, we are more focused.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chamakh worried


Arsenal striker, Marouane Chamakh reveals concern over the two pillars of the Gunners, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri may be moved to leave the club.
Recently, Nasri linked with a move to Manchester City, while Fabregas to join the European champions, Barcelona. Chamakh believe it is only a matter of time before both stars had left the Emirates Stadium.
"I think they might leave this club. This situation is difficult for the manager, "said Chamakh. "I do not think it relates to the question of money. Wenger is looking for their successors. I think before releasing them to go, he needs to find other players to cover the absence of two players concerned. "That's my view of the current situation. The problem is that the season starts this weekend, and it becomes more difficult for us. I think the situation now, only one of them to be allowed to move, "he said. "Fabregas in particular, he wants to leave the club the last few seasons because he was born in Barcelona. But Nasri still has a year remaining contract, so if he (Nasri) not be released this summer, he will die a free club at the end of the season. "Is the club prepared to reject the offer of more than 20 million euros (RM88 million) to the value of an excellent player in a season? Strange because clubs like Arsenal can not afford to sign Nasri for a contract extension. " Arsenal face Udinese in the play-off match Champions League next Tuesday. If they go into action, automatically they are not eligible to play for another club, once thin hope that Manchester City and Barcelona to get their services.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Argentina, Brazil easily reach


Options tournament, Argentina and Brazil, the success of a simple sketch on Saturday to move into the championship round of the last 16 Under-20 World Cup when England had very little chance of advancing after just a draw in the three previous matches. Brazil 4-0 thrashing of Panama and Argentina beat North Korea 3-0 to win the group stage and a place in the knockout stages, while a draw against England Mexico also advanced beyond Egypt, who beat Austria 4-0.

"It was an important victory because it gives us more confidence for the tournament after this," said the Brazilian, Philippe Coutinho to Inter Milan is also planning center.
Brazil won Group E with seven points with Egypt, but is distinguished by the number of networks and is expected to meet Saudi Arabia or Nigeria in the second round later. "We're up in this tournament and hopefully we will play better in the next round," said coach Brazil Ney Franco. "We can not do any mistakes at this level." In Group F, six-time champion Argentina easy victory without the sight of star players, Erik Lamela, who is being treated ankle injury, in addition to Mexico when England to victory in the championship deficit to 13 matches with the final victory when the beat Mexico in 1997. "It can be considered as a record," said England coach Brian Eastick when his squad played without 30 players England has the potential not discharged their respective teams due to its commitment to pre-season training. England can still qualify for the final 16 in accordance with the tournament in the group stage when the two teams will qualify to the next stage is followed by four best third team will be terminated today. Argentina have the highest record in the tournament with six titles, while Ghana beat Brazil in the finals of the tournament before.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beckham does not regret his career end in LA Galaxy


David Beckham insists he was not disappointed at the highest end his career by moving to LA Galaxy. Beckham's surprise move to rival Major League Soccer (MLS) United in 2007, but many critics felt he was completing his football career in European football too early.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid will not be able to attract the attention and expectations to increase interest in soccer in America, but only a substitute for England.
He returned to Europe twice on a loan to represent AC Milan in an effort to prove the level of fitness to the England manager, Fabio Capello, but talk turned contemplating joining Tottenham on loan last season before the Galaxy foreclose the possibility. However, Beckham continued to assert he was happy with decision to move to California. "I was not disappointed," he said. "No one of any place I play and what I do, I do not think you can live like that. "I always have to trust the decisions I make. People may think it a mistake when I moved to America, but I am confident with my decision. "I am successful in Europe for several years, winning many trophies with Manchester United and played with the world's two biggest clubs. I managed at Real Madrid and I need a new challenge, and I enjoyed the challenge.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wesley Sneijder's Man Utd


Wesley Sneijder to imply an increasingly clear that he would move to Manchester United for the Premier League action.
Yesterday, the Inter Milan star worth £ 35 million said: "Certainly there is a chance something will happen. We'll wait and see.
When asked the question whether interested in playing in England, the Dutch international player 27-year-old said: "Maybe .... I have played in many big tournaments in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. I'm still here. " Whatever the manager of Inter Milan, Gian Piero Gasperini appear criticized United that Sir Alex Ferguson should consult with his club, not the player, if you want to complete the transactions. Ferguson also voiced The Red Devils now want to find a world-class players to strengthen their challenges and the message is geared towards bringing Sneijder to Old Trafford.
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