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Monday, 29 August 2011

Control of appetite


EATING fruit before eating heavy meals is a good habit, but that usually happens, the fruit is always in the meal last meal dessert or after meals.
In fact, placing the fruit is good based on the concept of stomach pillow because it does not affect the energy density of foods and total energy intake even if a person is in the blocking phase of calorie intake.
In fact, there is clinical evidence showing that significant weight loss can be achieved when the individual can cover the stomach with low energy density (eg fruit) before eating the main meals. According to the Diet and Nutrition Specialist Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras, Cindy Chua Shiu Sinn, fruits can help individuals to fill the stomach as well as reduce the amount of feed during the meal. "Currently, less research study conducted for the direct relationship between the intake of fruit and vegetables by weight. However, in chronic disease management studies, intake of fruits and vegetables considered an important part of overall disease management (including weight loss and for weight maintenance), "he said, recently. Individuals are not may restrict what they take based on calories alone. And fullness, is a reason for someone to stop eating. Says Chua, at the same level of calorie, low-energy density foods like fruits, providing a larger amount of food. This can help a person feel full faster when eating while taking a lower amount of calories. "Water and fiber may increase the amount of food and reduce the energy density. In natural conditions, fruits are rich in water and fiber. Therefore, the fruit is a good source of calories and low in energy density, "he said. Clearly, Cindy, research shows that fruits can increase the feeling of fullness, especially when taken as a whole. A comparison of cup 250 milliliters orange juice provides 88 calories of oranges with just 37 calories, eat more oranges also contain more fiber and capable of filling. "All kinds of fruit can be taken before meals weight, but preferably fresh fruit. Fiber can push food through the digestive system earlier and provide a consistent amount each time to remove the water, "he said. However, says Chua, before eating heavy meals, avoid foods that have high energy densities that are normally high in fat or sugar foods. like sweet foods, fast food and sweets.


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