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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beckham does not regret his career end in LA Galaxy


David Beckham insists he was not disappointed at the highest end his career by moving to LA Galaxy. Beckham's surprise move to rival Major League Soccer (MLS) United in 2007, but many critics felt he was completing his football career in European football too early.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid will not be able to attract the attention and expectations to increase interest in soccer in America, but only a substitute for England.
He returned to Europe twice on a loan to represent AC Milan in an effort to prove the level of fitness to the England manager, Fabio Capello, but talk turned contemplating joining Tottenham on loan last season before the Galaxy foreclose the possibility. However, Beckham continued to assert he was happy with decision to move to California. "I was not disappointed," he said. "No one of any place I play and what I do, I do not think you can live like that. "I always have to trust the decisions I make. People may think it a mistake when I moved to America, but I am confident with my decision. "I am successful in Europe for several years, winning many trophies with Manchester United and played with the world's two biggest clubs. I managed at Real Madrid and I need a new challenge, and I enjoyed the challenge.


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