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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Luis Suarez is suspended eight games


Liverpool striker (Luis Suarez) is suspended eight games and fined 40.000 pounds for issuing racist words against Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during the English Premier League matches Anfield last October, according to the FA yesterday.
Uruguay international striker is found guilty of misconduct in using 'insulting words' to Evra during a match last October 15, including reference to the color of the French defense.
Suarez in the message via Twitter saying: "Today is the most difficult and painful to me and my family. Thanks to all who provide support. " Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said: "Very disappointed with today's decision. This is the time Luis

Saturday, 10 December 2011

El Clasico Messi


After a few days is listed as an option for FIFA Ballon dOr award this year, the two stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will meet in the first clash of Spanish La Liga Clasico this season, today . The third man who was also nominated for the award, Xavi will also be on the pitch today's Santiago Bernabeu, but difficult for him to be in a position higher than the two men known as the world's best players.
The importance of meeting the winner of the Clasico a great first meeting this season, often at the end of the campaign to win the competition over the last seven seasons ago and it was definitely bigger than the fight involving Messi and Ronaldo.
Jose Mourinho's line of students have recorded wins in 15 games so far, matching

Friday, 2 December 2011

Ferguson Apologized to fans


Manchester United`s boss (Alex Ferguson ) apologized to fans after the 2-1 defeat squad operations in the hands of the Championship club, Crystal Palace in the League Cup quarter-final stage yesterday.

Ferguson was also disappointed with the way that saw the team defeated Da Silva and Dimitar Berbatov had withdrawn due to injury. Bulgaria striker suffered an ankle injury and could miss the match Aston Villa tomorrow.
Palace now face another Championship club, Cardiff in the semi-final, while Manchester City will meet Premier League rivals Liverpool in the other semi-final meeting. The defeat of the Palace is the ninth for United in a series of defeats to lower league clubs League Cup since 1990 and Ferguson lost words when asked to

Monday, 28 November 2011

Mark Webber can 'best tonic' overcome next season


Mark Webber is confident victory at the close of the Brazilian Grand Prix season will be the 'best tonic' for him to appear more robust in the championship Formula One (F1) in 2012. 35-year-old Australian driver was overshadowed by Red Bull teammate, who is also a double world champion Sebastian Vettel this year - Vettel completed 11 wins with 15 to lift the title next box a second time.
I started badly for various reasons but we see all things in order to continue to the highest levels. When the measurement set at the highest level, I do not just look at Prev alone.
"There Jenson (Button), Fernando (Alonso), all of them at the top. This is the best

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Winner Football sea games 2011


Young football malaysia`s team won the 'mother of all medals, night yesterday when starting forward fiercely Young Tigers crown for the second consecutive victory over the host, Indonesia 4-3 on penalties after a tied first -1 up to extra time.
More than 100,000 cheering supporters Young Garuda(indonesia) obviously failed to prevent big dreams Ong Kim Swee and her student present Armed with a strong performed by mind resolve turbulence noise in Bung Karno Stadium to force an opponent to bite the finger missed the most valuable gold medal at the SEA Games at the site itself.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The new joint


EVERY human is blessed with a pair of knee cartilage in his lifetime. Until a time when the cartilage that acts as a soft layer that prevents friction and launched a movement and comfort between the two ends of bones in the knee, will start to decline.
When the affected cartilage, joints become stiff and painful joints cause several diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.
This technology is used in this country since the 1970s. Over the past 10 years, various changes and progress made in strengthening the procedure. - Dr Tai Cheh Chin, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sime Darby Medical Centre, Subang Jaya, Selangor According to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya, Selangor, Dr Tai Cheh Chin, joint pain is a natural deterioration of joints in which all people will experience it depends on age. Real people aged under 45 years of joint pain is less 5 percent, 45 to 65 years (30 percent), 65 and over 60 per cent and 100 per cent 85 years. In terms of gender, this joint problems commonly affects women than men. Joints formed at the end of two or more bones connected by thick tissues. Eg knee joint is formed by the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) and the thigh bone (femur). Hips are the joints that formed the top end of the femur and the pelvis called the acetabulum part (socket). The end of each bone covered with a soft layer called cartilage. The role of normal cartilage allows movement without friction and pain free. When the affected or diseased cartilage such as arthritis, joints become stiff and sore. Each joint or capsule of fibrous tissue covered the bottomless soft tissue called synovium 'that produces fluid to reduce friction and joints wear out. However, not only arthritis that destroys joints. Many other factors such as trauma, exercise, infection and inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis and gout). On a serious level, the patient began to experience cramps, pain, deformed feet, knees 'read' when walking and began to bend. When a patient is at this stage, not much can be done to reduce the prolonged pain and suffering for them but do replacement procedures full joints (total joint replacement) to enable the patient pain free and able to walk again. What is meant by this joint replacement procedures? "This technology is used in this country since the 1970s. Over the past 10 years, various changes and progress made ​​in strengthening the procedure. Before, the knee can only bend 90 to 100 degrees, now it reaches 120 to 140 degrees. "The material is also now hold 15 to 20 years, better design and practical as well as surgical wound no more than six inches. In fact, there is now a computer navigation technology to ensure accuracy when the procedure took place, "he said, who admitted the patient will return to normal during the period 6 to 12 weeks after surgery. Dr Tai said, also better pain management through partial anesthesia. This reduces the complications after surgery, but it reduces the pain that may be continued 36 to 40 hours after surgery. What about age? According to Dr Tai, age is not an issue because most older patients who have undergone this procedure for both 93-year-old knees, "said Dr. Tai is handling more than 2000 procedures during the 15 years of service. What is to be regretted, although the success of this procedure reached 90 to 97 percent, the misconception among people in the cause they would rather suffer in silence. Compared to Australia, which recorded 60.000 replacement procedures per year hip and knee joints, only 6.000 procedure in Malaysia a year, not because the number of patients are not many, but the fear of pain, lack of confidence in the success of the procedure and are not sure they can run again. The people of Europe This problem will be willing to do the procedure immediately opposite the proposed expert in Malaysia, most patients who come too late for treatment only after suffering severe joint problems. Clearly, Dr Tai, criteria for eligible patients undergoing this procedure already suffer from them for so long, had a variety of early treatment (conservative, nutritional supplements, physiotherapy, lifestyle changes, lose weight), leg had begun to change shape or defective. "he added. "Why am I so stressed this procedure is preferred because we have the expertise and the patient need not suffer long time and the fact that the treatment and procedures that can give them hope to return to live a happy, normal, active and free from pain.

1.Knee patients had begun moved back upright and bend a few hours after surgery.
2.More movements a day after the procedure.
3.Able to get up and walk a few steps two days after the procedure.
4The third day be able to walk better.
5.Discharged on the fourth day.
6.The knee procedures - take three to four days.
7.Procedures sides of the knee - five to seven days.

Sunday, 30 October 2011



PUBLIC thought or way of living environments that do not satisfy hygiene as a cause of the occurrence of infections or skin irritation. But, in fact, a very clean environment can also cause infection, irritation or allergy on the skin.
Disease eczema, itching, or inflammation of the skin, for example, found in more developed countries, the common people are concerned about cleanliness. High number of people with eczema recorded in developed countries over the past three decades.
It is probably due to the very clean in the developed countries to make a person immune system lazy, so can not distinguish between good and bad elements. "lazy immune system will react with any bacteria present to make an extremely sensitive and easily to allergies, "says Consultant Paediatric Dermatology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), Dr Leong Kin Fon. He was speaking at the launch of a campaign against eczema in Malaysia, "United Against Itch ', organized by LEO Pharma recently. LEO Pharma, a research-based pharmaceutical company from Denmark to work with local and international doctors to combat eczema, a skin disease that affects two out of 10 Malaysians, but can be treated. Manager (National) LEO Pharma, Tan Keng Aun said, we have formed this partnership aims to create awareness about eczema and told the community that there is hope for the sufferer to control the disease. Elaborating the problem of eczema, Dr Leong said, based on monitoring of research, there is a connection between most patients with the level of development of eczema. For example, in Malaysia, a total of 12.6 per cent of people with eczema are school children compared to Indonesia, about 3.7 percent. This phenomenon is also seen in parts of East Malaysia, where the rate is lower in the patient compared to the mainland. Dr Leong said one feature of eczema is a skin irritation that makes people always want to scratch. The skin is very dry eczema sufferers because there is no restraining layer of liquid in the skin. In fact, there is dynamic interaction between genetic and environmental as well as the factors triggering the disease eczema itching and scratching habits, the weather is warm, dry, sweat, bacteria, soap or detergent to dry skin, food allergy and pollen. "A person can also suffer from eczema as well as genetic factors or immunologik microbial growth trend," he said. The skin is usually very itchy eczema patients, redness and sometimes blisters when having an attack. Due to frequent scratching, not just the damaged skin, but allows the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), which 95 percent are people with atopic eczema on the skin (surface), infectious and multiply. As a result, the skin is not only more likely to become dry and brittle, but it is also more sensitive to the impact of chemicals or other elements that cause allergic reactions. "When the bacteria enter the skin damaged by scratch so distant, absorption of toxins to the skin swollen and extremely itchy. The infection is slowing down the healing of this disease. Eventually, the scaly skin thick and crusty, "he said. People who have eczema are often tied up in a cycle of itching and the urge to scratch for a prolonged period. To treat this disease, this cycle must be determined. Dr Leong said, eczema can be controlled with the use of drugs that can help break the itch-scratch cycle, providing fast relief from itching, and even eliminate skin kelepuhan better. She is also more emphasis on consulting with parents or guardians of children to give them a proper understanding of this disease. "method can be applied to control the eczema is by balancing the factors trigger eczema attacks. "This disease can not be recovered, so good control or management hoped to reduce or shorten the period of the attack, making children happier, "he said. Consultant Dermatologist at the Hammersmith Hospital, United Kingdom, Prof. Anthony Chu, said that eczema is not just a problem in the patient alone, but also the environment and family life , including their sleep. This is because children suffering from eczema, frequent crying and difficulty sleeping and thus also affect their physical development. "What is important, parents, guardians and families of children need to block to manage children with eczema. Naturally, the disease will gradually disappear when the child is stepping up. "menghidapnya majority of patients before the age of five years and 50 percent of them were recovered by the age of 10 years. Rarely patients continue to suffer from eczema from childhood to adulthood, "he said. Therefore, he suggested that the mother, father and guardian of mutual help in managing children with eczema and looking for the most appropriate method to reduce the inconvenience incurred by their children. "In terms of medication is , many parents who were reluctant when told their child should be given medicines that contain steroids for fear of side effects. "The perception was altered accordingly. Spreads steroids can help control the disease well, provided it is used correctly based on expert advice. "In addition, parents should also be cautious in choosing drugs. Although drugs may be their choice was based on herbs, does not mean it is safe to take, "he said. In the meantime, General Manager (National) LEO Pharma, Tan Keng Aun said, we have formed this partnership aims to create awareness about eczema and told the people that There is hope for the sufferer to control the disease.

conventional treatment for eczema
1.Bathing every day with a gentle bath products and treat dry skin
2.Use moisturizer on the skin
3.Rub ointment containing steroids or calcineurin barrier ointment
4.Rub antibiotic
5.The use of sedative antihistamines

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Practice relaxation exercises


Exercise alone can raise the open relaxed fun, but more importantly can help maintain good health. Research shows that middle-aged women who exercise are more fun in a relaxing face life than their peers who exercise intensively. Elavsky Steriani study from Penn State University, in Pennsylvania, on 255 women aged 40 and 60 years, found that by doing exercise on scale twice relaxed they looked energized.

Through the study, all women are given a choice whether they want to do recreational activities in a relaxing or active as volunteers noted that they would monitor the situation while doing the activity.
Overall, women who do leisure relaxing on a scale of two times to show they appear to still be vibrant and healthy lifestyle activities involving, in the future, while some of them showed increased feelings of sadness and guilt than the women who undergo an intensive workout. "Exercise will make the individual feel more comfortable if done by way of relaxing than stressful, especially if it is rarely done, "said Elavsky told Reuters Health. He and his counterparts in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, studied 255 women with any all the women not undergoing hormone therapy and exercise every day for two weeks, the study revealed that during a meeting of the North American Menopause Center in Washington. At the beginning of the study, the women completed two exercises, relaxation and intensive. Intensive exercise involving women walking on the treadmill and they are found to be consistent, while women who exercise too casual for 30 minutes on threadmill based on speed is more consistent choice. All women who underwent the study seemed to wear an accelerometer to detect the use of energy and time spent when they do activities at different intensity. The study also found women who exercise have laid a better spirit and energy as well live in peace. "physical activity that is relaxing and not too pressing is suitable for their who suffer from overweight. "exercise drills are just a little contribute to increased morale and for individuals who face the problem of overweight or unhealthy, the significance of their peace force decreased after the drill-oriented exercise," he said. To give an example of the relaxed form of exercise that can be done, Elavsky, said some of the slow walk, dance hall, biking over rough terrain, berkeno, gardening, soccer field, volleyball, tennis and water exercise. He hoped that the study of exercise and fitness This gives women the confidence to be a routine exercise can be good for the life of more peace and they do not have to struggle to do that is not the usual routine when they play. "We hope that the operator or those involved in this field suggest that exercise or recreational activities appropriate to those who come for advice about exercise form can be done, "he said.
He stressed, middle-aged women are among the most inactive group exercises. It is important to all women to understand whether done by hard exercise cause different effects against the spirit, or whether this response represents the total physical activity middle-aged women.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Claudio Ranieri referee criticism


Claudio Ranieri(Inter Milan coach) slammed referee Gianluca Rocchi after his team down 3-0 at home to Napoli in a match which saw them forced to play with 10 players. Inter had to play less of a player after Joel Obi ruled out the field at halftime for accepting two yellow cards while Ranieri himself has posted a red card after the decision the referee during break time.

Television replays showed Obi doing updates tackle during the first yellow card, while the foul which saw a second yellow card and the referee awarded a penalty kick, committed outside the penalty box.
Although Julio Cesar saved Marek Hamsik kick, but Hugo Campagnaro score of follow-up after that. Hamsik and Christian Maggio and increase the scoring in the second half. Ranieri clearly angry after the game. "He was not accurate in decision making, it is not fair game. First round match of interests, but Obi posted the first yellow card after he had clearly won the ball without doing foul, "said Ranieri.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka to Real Madrid, driving a 3-0 win over Ajax in the Champions League match on Tuesday, putting the Spanish club at the top of Group D after two wins in a row.
Ajax started the game with updates but favorable to Madrid's Ronaldo with the opening goal in the 25th minute at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Kaka - who rarely drop in the starting line - doubling the network and the lure of a Karim Benzema goal before halftime.
In three meetings over the past two seasons ago, Madrid's 9-0 over the Dutch champions. Madrid is now collected six points after two games and Ajax, a. Lyon in second with four points after beating Dinamo Zagreb 2-0. "victory of good. We achieve strong positions in the group, "Kaka said. "We see if we can continue this pace and pass the group stage." assistant coach, Aitor Karanka taking a position on the edge of the field after the operator, Jose Mourinho is still plagued by the suspension of three games (last Saturday) for accusing the referee of bias when half of UEFA Champions League final to meet champions, Barcelona, ​​last season. However, before handing his duties to Karanka, Mourinho dismantling its main starting after the action is less consistent of late, with winger Angel Di Maria rested and Kaka combined with Mesut Oezil. Players 18 years , Raphael Varane listed in the main squad for the third time in a row, replace Pepe in the defenses, along with Ricardo Carvalho is back in action after missing one game because of injury to the head.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Michael Owen


Michael Owen insists he still has a sharp finish that can be offered to Manchester United after helping the team to maintain unbeaten record by scoring two goals in 3-0 win over Leeds in the third round, League Cup on Tuesday. The role of Owen appears to be restricted to the Old Trafford, but the former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker proved he was still valued as a key to the team with a clog of two goals in the first game this season to help the victory at Elland Road on Saturday.

The 31-year-old striker played more submissive to the game, but admits it is a contest and are delighted with the contribution of each time the opportunity comes.
"There is pressure," he said. "You are not a lot of opportunity and then when you are given the opportunity, it will be several months before you can see the field again if you fail to play well. "You have to prove to yourself and others you can play better but we play in game faster and more intense this season. " Owen, one of the 11 changes made ​​to Sir Alex Ferguson in a match against Leeds, clearly pleased with the role and example given to the club's young players, mostly playing at Elland Road.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ferguson furious


Sir Alex Ferguson had to face questions that annoyed when Manchester United drew 1-1 against Benfica in the opening match of the European Champions League on Tuesday.
After a fierce display of sight of the local league with the explosion of 18 goals that put them well as the English Premier League leaders abruptly changed the face of the Red Devils as opponents in the shadow of the Estadio da Luz Stadium.

It is also the first goal in the opponent's court since March 2010 in this tournament and Fergie row might have been lost if not for the agility of goalkeeper both aged 27 years, Anders Lindegaard. "I do not know why you ask this question," Ferguson said when asked whether position of the Danish goalkeeper was overcome David de Gea, the Spanish goalkeeper was 20 years at Old Trafford and will be revealed when playing against Chelsea on Sunday. "You only find small things that stupid." Ferguson said after trying to defend de Gea United began his career with a bit shaky since his move from Atletico Madrid. "We have two great goalkeepers," said Ferguson. "We will always find a way to rotate them. David will go down against Chelsea on Sunday. She was still young, and there are times I will give him a break. He played well last Saturday, that is why I merehatkannya. " Lindegaard that appears for the first time in any tournament, Benfica denied several attempts, including strong shot from near the bench, Nolito at minute 66.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Torres also be dropped: Villas-Boas


Chelsea`s BOS, Andre Villas-Boas (left) to warn the stars worth 50 million pounds, Fernando Torres - that he did not hesitate dropped from the major case squad to a blunt in front of goal. Villas-Boas hopes striker World Cup champion, Spain is returning to its best performance after only scoring one goal from 21 matches since leaving Liverpool in January.

The 33-year player who had a record as the most effective scorer on the import of his first season in the Premier League (EPL) with Liverpool after leaving Atletico Madrid in 2007, is also ignored by the Spanish national team's Euro 2012 qualifying matches to see Liechtenstein.
Asked about Torres's goal drought, Villas-Boas said: It does not affect the team's objectives and targets. It's not about scoring, but also create opportunities. But if it starts to disrupt the team, it should be immediately terminated. And I have no problem to drop a player, said the young operator from the Portugal. But does not mean you lose talent just because scoring a goal in 21 games, says Villas-Boas. His talent there. The question is restoring confidence and depending on the time and training.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Control of appetite


EATING fruit before eating heavy meals is a good habit, but that usually happens, the fruit is always in the meal last meal dessert or after meals.
In fact, placing the fruit is good based on the concept of stomach pillow because it does not affect the energy density of foods and total energy intake even if a person is in the blocking phase of calorie intake.
In fact, there is clinical evidence showing that significant weight loss can be achieved when the individual can cover the stomach with low energy density (eg fruit) before eating the main meals. According to the Diet and Nutrition Specialist Columbia Asia Hospital Cheras, Cindy Chua Shiu Sinn, fruits can help individuals to fill the stomach as well as reduce the amount of feed during the meal. "Currently, less research study conducted for the direct relationship between the intake of fruit and vegetables by weight. However, in chronic disease management studies, intake of fruits and vegetables considered an important part of overall disease management (including weight loss and for weight maintenance), "he said, recently. Individuals are not may restrict what they take based on calories alone. And fullness, is a reason for someone to stop eating. Says Chua, at the same level of calorie, low-energy density foods like fruits, providing a larger amount of food. This can help a person feel full faster when eating while taking a lower amount of calories. "Water and fiber may increase the amount of food and reduce the energy density. In natural conditions, fruits are rich in water and fiber. Therefore, the fruit is a good source of calories and low in energy density, "he said. Clearly, Cindy, research shows that fruits can increase the feeling of fullness, especially when taken as a whole. A comparison of cup 250 milliliters orange juice provides 88 calories of oranges with just 37 calories, eat more oranges also contain more fiber and capable of filling. "All kinds of fruit can be taken before meals weight, but preferably fresh fruit. Fiber can push food through the digestive system earlier and provide a consistent amount each time to remove the water, "he said. However, says Chua, before eating heavy meals, avoid foods that have high energy densities that are normally high in fat or sugar foods. like sweet foods, fast food and sweets.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Toddlers bedwetting


PROBLEM bedwetting child is between the concerns of parents when returning to the village or holiday. The question is, is this a regular habit that can be tolerated, especially if it continues until the child reaches the age of six?
According to UK Health Advisory Service (NHS), bedwetting, or the scientific name "nocturnal enuresis" is very common among children especially under age seven. One in five children aged seven years, one in 20 children aged 10 years dealing with bedwetting, and it is more common among boys than girls.
Sometimes bedwetting habits can also be caused by health problems like diabetes or cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). There are also among some children, this behavior may be due can`t to antidiuretic hormone produce enough functional control urine production at night. However, in general, we need to know the facts more easily, some children develop control over bladder urine is quite late compared to other children. He may also face psychological problems because of problems at school or home, for example. For adults, when the bladder is full at night, the brain will keep the bladder to empty. The ability to undergo this process is not there a natural birth. Instead, it formed gradually and by the age of six, a child generally have the ability. However, between seven per cent of children in the surrounding 10 years of age and between one to two percent of teenagers in the age of 15 years are still experiencing this problem. Especially if the mother or father or both was also faced with the problem of bedwetting during childhood, the children face the risk to between 75 to 40 percent for the experience. Although most parents believe that eventually the child will be able to deal with this problem in line with the increase age, some children who need help. Believe it or not, the method to overcome bedwetting habits is hypnosis. Some people define hypnosis as a condition of all outstanding individual focus that causes a sense of calm and relaxing. When the hypnosis session, the mind is open to more suggestions than usual. Children said in a state of self hypnosis (self-hypnosis) when they play alone. Actors or athletes often using hypnosis to improve their performance. Generally, hypnosis enables them to learn to change perceptions, feelings and attitudes. Hypnosis can also be used to reduce the fear, pain control or change bad habits. In 2004, a study published in the Journal of Norwegian Medical Association to submit the use of hypnosis techniques to children who are dealing with bedwetting habits. The report said, hypnosis is one effective treatment to address the chronic problem of bedwetting. Principal, London College of Clinical Hypnosis in Malaysia (LCCH), Sheila Menon, said that bedwetting is a common problem caused embarrassment to the children and their parents make difficult hearts. "A child is too young to understand the logic of adults. Thus, they will become too focused on image bedwetting. The images will result in embarrassment and made ​​them depressed. "Hypnosis can help overcome this problem. The first thing a member of the hypnotherapy will do is to focus the attention back to the problems of family members as a dry bed. Sometimes it is enough, "he said. Clearly, Sheila, children are faced with the problem of bedwetting can be trained mentally on the bedtime routine. Generally, when the bladder of a child was full, they will wake up and go to the toilet before returning to sleep happy. "In the case of bedwetting, hypnosis therapist will teach techniques to control bladder muscles and to the subconscious. What is important, the problem of bedwetting is not a disease. Instead it is the ability to control bladder muscles and a child. Therefore, as parents, impatient with habits and at the same time, help him solve the problem.

five children overcome bedwetting guide
1.See a doctor to stop the problem if your child is aged six or seven years. Tests will be conducted to ensure that children are free from the bladder infection.

2.Do not law because it gives the child more stress. These children are not able to control his habit and the punishment will affect the identity.

3.Respect the personal rights - children's shame as bedwetting, and of course he did not want others to know about the problem.

4.Teach children wake up at night to urinate. Practice every night to educate the mind and body to wake up to urinate before she urinated in bed.

5.Think positive and patient. Tell yourself the effort a child takes to stop the habit. Intolerant attitude just makes it more stressful.

Friday, 19 August 2011



Treated hemophilia blood disease rare illness, but little hemophilia`s people community with their parents or their families, caregivers and physicians remain active through the Haemophilia Society of Malaysia (PHM) to reach out, inform and enlighten the public on the existence and danger of this disease.
PHM has also participated in two previous Camp Asia-Pacific Haemophilia and this year, Taiwan's turn to host the program organized in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, Bayer HealthCare Asia Pacific and the Haemophilia Society of Taiwan.
The third time this camp together more than 100 participants from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Thailand with the theme of 'Enjoy the best of life - hemophilia or not' take place from 15 to 18 July at the Uni-Resort Mawudu, Taiwan. Assembly saw the patient, caregivers and medical professionals from various countries to share while enriching the knowledge and information through a variety of fun activities. This year, 40 children and young people with hemophilia aged 7 to 17 years selected to attend this camp. Representing the PHM is a representative with a doctor and five patients, Lam Weng Hong, 13; Nabil Firdaus Mohd Nazri, 11; Mohd Hazim Qayyum Hishamullah , 13; Haron Mohd Ali, 7, and Kevin Vun Kai Hee, 11, together with their mothers who were flown Bayer HealthCare Asia Pacific with a media entourage. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Consultant Paediatrician, Indonesia, Dr. Chozie Novie Amelia, the third time attending the camp respect, said he was proud of the positive development of hemophilia patients has matured and is able to manage themselves well. "Above all, they have the opportunity to meet peers from other countries and enrich yourself with the right attitude to face life challenges," he said, also one of the speakers at a workshop to discuss the angle of the widespread and hemophilia care in Indonesia and Malaysia. Participants are not only trained dare throw the ideas and give feedback through various workshops, and even taught a balanced diet, exercise, hydrotherapy water itself as well as injecting drugs in home using portable kits hemophilia. Parent patients might join a dialogue and a special forum aims to enrich their skills as caregivers, thus preparing the child to manage themselves independently and correctly. Dr. Novie through his paper, managed to share the facts about the wide spread of rates hemophilia in Indonesia, which currently has 1,200 registered patients. Three-quarters of children have the disease do not have access to proper treatment for a healthy and prosperous life. In fact, he said, the number of people with Haemophilia A in the republic was five times greater than for Haemophilia B. "To date a refund only for patient health care government employees registered with the Health Insurance Scheme Indonesia (Askes) or poor patients through Community Health Guarantee. This is because governments do not have enough funds to purchase the product to cover the cost of prophylactic treatment. "Therefore, in Indonesia we focus therapy on request. However, perhaps the end of this year, another factor IX product for the treatment of Haemophilia B is available in the Indonesian market.


.Blood disease as a result of a lifetime with little or no blood clotting factor
.Usually inherited, affecting male.
.May also suffer through genetic mutation.
.An estimated 1.100 people registered with the National Blood Centre (PDN).
.PDN is recognized center of excellence in the management of hemophilia countries provide free treatment and medicines.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pregnant young age


REPORT pregnant teenagers and abandonment associated with the misconduct, is too often displayed media. Wrong if any of you who think it is just an isolated case because it can happen to them in the city and even in far-flung villages.
Not only in Malaysia but also worldwide statistics show that nearly 80 million of the 210 million pregnancies are unplanned pregnancies.
A sharp increase in extra-marital pregnancies among teenagers is not just social crisis but also affect the economy. The proof, in the United States, pregnant at a young age crisis result in a loss of RM21.3 billion in terms of return on the taxpayer incurred it includes expenditure in terms of public assistance, healthcare management, family and criminal legal systems. In Malaysia as a developing country, we can not bear the adverse impact of pregnancy in teens. The problem of school dropout, unmarried and likely to get on welfare compared to reference peers. Illegitimate children were not spared experiencing problems due to the low level of health, cognitive development is slower and more serious behavior problems than their peers. Founder and Executive Chairman-cum-Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology, PrimaNora Medical Centre, Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, said , increase the number of teenage pregnancy is due to more people having sex at a young age. "survey in 1994 and 1996 by the National Population and Family Development (LPPKN), showed 24 percent of teens aged 13 to 19 years ever had sex. Most noticeable is the peer pressure to persuade them to perform sexual activities, "he said at the launch of 'Yes, I Can,' recently. The campaign organized by the Asia-Pacific Contraceptives (APCOC), Obstetrics and Gynaecology Association of Malaysia (OGSM) Reproductive Health and the Federation of Malaysia (FRHAM) in cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering Pharma Malaysia. It aims to tackle the problem of unplanned pregnancies and abandoned babies through awareness and education can be obtained through the website According to Dr Nor Ashikin, what is to be regretted, given the normal reaction is' everyone's doing it. " Obviously insistence to have sex is around them that influence school friend, more than 20,000 sexual scenes on television, including ads, drama series and entertainment programs. Music is also indirectly stimulates the human sexual act activating melatonin, the hormone of the pineal gland in the brain. It is activated by darkness and turned off the lights and the same glands that are programmed to trigger the changes of puberty and affects the reproductive cycle and sexual desire of man. According to Dr Nor Ashikin, lack of knowledge of contraception lead to perceptions of society towards sex education is still a taboos and no way to manage the pregnancy resulted in many newborns, discarded. "Surprisingly, most of the attacking efforts to introduce sex education in the country, just hold on to the notion that knowledge is harmful. Instead the study proves the ignorance and curiosity that is not resolved, it is harmful, not knowledge.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brazil advanced to the quarter-finals


Brazil scored three goals in the second half to sink out of Saudi Arabia 3-0 and reach the quarter-final against title contenders Spain Under-20 World Cup FIFA .
Striker Henry put Brazil ahead after counter-attack in the 46th minute, Gabriel Silva added a second with a shot from the edge of the penalty box in the 69th minute and substitute Dudu complete the victory from close range on 86 minutes.
The victory enabled the four-time champion advanced to the quarterfinals against another giant, Spain qualified ahead after overcoming South Korea through penalty shootout. After Brazil struggled past the defenses, Saudi Arabia in the first half, Henry quickly put Brazil ahead in the the second half. midfielder Fernando started the play by passing to the striker William, the lure of easy Henrique and the striker shot past goalkeeper Abdullah Alsdairy. Willian also involved in the second goal, carried the ball on the left, past the opponent's defense in the penalty box and passing to Gabriel Silva, who easily pushed. Dudu entering at minute 61 after Henry injured arm, equip the network with the series after lorongan beautiful shot Danilo. "It was a balanced match at halftime because of Saudi Arabia appear greater than us, "said Brazil coach Ney Franco. "We're changing it in the second half and returned to play a whole heart, we are more focused.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chamakh worried


Arsenal striker, Marouane Chamakh reveals concern over the two pillars of the Gunners, Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri may be moved to leave the club.
Recently, Nasri linked with a move to Manchester City, while Fabregas to join the European champions, Barcelona. Chamakh believe it is only a matter of time before both stars had left the Emirates Stadium.
"I think they might leave this club. This situation is difficult for the manager, "said Chamakh. "I do not think it relates to the question of money. Wenger is looking for their successors. I think before releasing them to go, he needs to find other players to cover the absence of two players concerned. "That's my view of the current situation. The problem is that the season starts this weekend, and it becomes more difficult for us. I think the situation now, only one of them to be allowed to move, "he said. "Fabregas in particular, he wants to leave the club the last few seasons because he was born in Barcelona. But Nasri still has a year remaining contract, so if he (Nasri) not be released this summer, he will die a free club at the end of the season. "Is the club prepared to reject the offer of more than 20 million euros (RM88 million) to the value of an excellent player in a season? Strange because clubs like Arsenal can not afford to sign Nasri for a contract extension. " Arsenal face Udinese in the play-off match Champions League next Tuesday. If they go into action, automatically they are not eligible to play for another club, once thin hope that Manchester City and Barcelona to get their services.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Argentina, Brazil easily reach


Options tournament, Argentina and Brazil, the success of a simple sketch on Saturday to move into the championship round of the last 16 Under-20 World Cup when England had very little chance of advancing after just a draw in the three previous matches. Brazil 4-0 thrashing of Panama and Argentina beat North Korea 3-0 to win the group stage and a place in the knockout stages, while a draw against England Mexico also advanced beyond Egypt, who beat Austria 4-0.

"It was an important victory because it gives us more confidence for the tournament after this," said the Brazilian, Philippe Coutinho to Inter Milan is also planning center.
Brazil won Group E with seven points with Egypt, but is distinguished by the number of networks and is expected to meet Saudi Arabia or Nigeria in the second round later. "We're up in this tournament and hopefully we will play better in the next round," said coach Brazil Ney Franco. "We can not do any mistakes at this level." In Group F, six-time champion Argentina easy victory without the sight of star players, Erik Lamela, who is being treated ankle injury, in addition to Mexico when England to victory in the championship deficit to 13 matches with the final victory when the beat Mexico in 1997. "It can be considered as a record," said England coach Brian Eastick when his squad played without 30 players England has the potential not discharged their respective teams due to its commitment to pre-season training. England can still qualify for the final 16 in accordance with the tournament in the group stage when the two teams will qualify to the next stage is followed by four best third team will be terminated today. Argentina have the highest record in the tournament with six titles, while Ghana beat Brazil in the finals of the tournament before.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Beckham does not regret his career end in LA Galaxy


David Beckham insists he was not disappointed at the highest end his career by moving to LA Galaxy. Beckham's surprise move to rival Major League Soccer (MLS) United in 2007, but many critics felt he was completing his football career in European football too early.

Former Manchester United and Real Madrid will not be able to attract the attention and expectations to increase interest in soccer in America, but only a substitute for England.
He returned to Europe twice on a loan to represent AC Milan in an effort to prove the level of fitness to the England manager, Fabio Capello, but talk turned contemplating joining Tottenham on loan last season before the Galaxy foreclose the possibility. However, Beckham continued to assert he was happy with decision to move to California. "I was not disappointed," he said. "No one of any place I play and what I do, I do not think you can live like that. "I always have to trust the decisions I make. People may think it a mistake when I moved to America, but I am confident with my decision. "I am successful in Europe for several years, winning many trophies with Manchester United and played with the world's two biggest clubs. I managed at Real Madrid and I need a new challenge, and I enjoyed the challenge.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Wesley Sneijder's Man Utd


Wesley Sneijder to imply an increasingly clear that he would move to Manchester United for the Premier League action.
Yesterday, the Inter Milan star worth £ 35 million said: "Certainly there is a chance something will happen. We'll wait and see.
When asked the question whether interested in playing in England, the Dutch international player 27-year-old said: "Maybe .... I have played in many big tournaments in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. I'm still here. " Whatever the manager of Inter Milan, Gian Piero Gasperini appear criticized United that Sir Alex Ferguson should consult with his club, not the player, if you want to complete the transactions. Ferguson also voiced The Red Devils now want to find a world-class players to strengthen their challenges and the message is geared towards bringing Sneijder to Old Trafford.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tiger woods Join WGC Bridgestone


Akron, Ohio: Tiger Woods, winner of 14 majors that struggled with left knee injury, will play in his first competitive tournament in the World Championship next week after nearly three months of rest.
Former world number one announced on its website on Tuesday, he will play in the WGC Bridgestone Invitation tournament at U.S. $ 8.5 million (RM27.2 million) at the Firestone Country Club near Akron - which saw she had won seven titles in the field.
"I can not wait to get back out there playing," Woods said.
Woods has not played since May 12 when withdrawing after nine holes at the Players Championship, which saw his left knee and tendon suffered in the Masters in April worse. "I think ready and fit to play at Firestone next week. Looking forward to playing again out there, "Woods said. Woods, who plunged into the 21st world ranking, failed to win since the Australian Masters for about 20 months ago, before the sex scandal broke that affect image among fans and lead to divorce with his wife, Elin Nordergen. Woods has not played in the United States and the British Open on the advice of doctors who want him to rest to enable him to undergo rehabilitation his left knee, practiced hitting the ball just started recently.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Audi Cup Barcelona fire


Midfielder Thiago Alcantara scored both goals to help European champions Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 2-0 to win the pre-season tournament Audi Cup. Barcelona, ​​who is without pillars as Lionel Messi, Xavi and Carles Puyol, Bayern rarely threatened the line will start their league kicks off next week.

"We deserved the victory because we created many chances," said the 20 years that shake the net in minute 42 and 75's.
Both teams use a lot of young players who rarely revealed in the starting line, especially Barcelona, ​​and did a lot of change.
Bintang Bayern, Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben did not play the game with an ankle injury. In the third place playoff, the Brazilian club Internacional beat AC Milan penalty shootout after both teams tied 2-2. Robinho both movements to create a network of Milan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored three minutes after the game, but likened Leandro Damiao Brigade before Alexandre Pato put Milan back in front before Andres D'Alessandro is determined to force the game to penalties.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Batista should resign


Diego Maradona said on Wednesday, when he was in the Argentina coach, Sergio Batista, he would resign following the early removal of the national squad at the Copa America. Argentina Football Association (AFA) said it would maintain as a coach despite the defeat Batista to Uruguay in the quarterfinals after Maradona was recently replaced due to the country's defeat to Germany in the World Cup last year.

"If I only beat Costa Rica, (the only victory of Argentina in the Copa tournament this time around), I will resign voluntarily," said Maradona.

What is happening now is not one player. Julio Grondona act on what he likes, "said Maradona, again referring to the president of the AFA, which often conflict with him when he became a coach tough period. Maradona and Batista were teammates in the Argentina squad that won the 1986 World Cup, but they both been at loggerheads since the Batista took over as national coach after Maradona removed.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Causes eye damage


You are having trouble HAS central blurred vision? To make matters worse, a straight line looks crooked crooked and not long after that, you begin to realize you are only depends on the visual side.
You might think it a sign points are old and need new glasses. However, more bad news, it is a symptom of macular symptoms of eye damage due to aging (AMD). Although it did not attack anyone, what is more frightening problem is no cure for AMD.
There are two factors that cause AMD, the factors can be controlled and the factors that can not be controlled. Factors that can not be controlled is genetics and aging factors can be controlled while involving smoking, diet is not balanced as well as obesity and exercise. Smoking is very often associated with various health complications. The study found that smokers have a risk of AMD by four times compared to those who do not smoke. Even AMD cases detected between two to three times more in smokers. In short, the more smoke the greater the risk of AMD. Eye Surgeon, Dr Ahmad Fauzi Md. Sharif, said that AMD is a disease generally associated with aging. It destroys the middle points of view and your view is not as sharp lead first. The middle points of view needed to enable us to see objects clearly. Among the daily tasks that require central vision the eye is reading and driving. However, most people do not realize they are dealing with AMD. This is because AMD does not cause any pain. In fact, in some cases it happens so slowly you think AMD is part of the compulsory old age. However, according to a former lecturer of the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), there are also cases where AMD occurs rapidly and causes the central vision two affected eyes. "AMD typically occurs at age 50 and over. Although it is not a factor that can cause blindness, but it affects the quality of life. "At one time, AMD is considered diseases of the west, but a recent study released in May revealed the Asians also tend to attack AMD. "The study across five Asian countries namely Japan, China , South Korea, India and Singapore Asia confirm the frequency of dealing with the early stages of AMD was 6.8 percent, while end-stage AMD was 0.56 percent compared with 8.8 percent and 12:59 per cent in the west. Most of those who attacked AMD, aged 40 to 79 years, "he said. The UMMC Centre for Eye Research, Assoc Prof Dr Fong Choong Sian, said macular refers in the middle of the retina, and it was kind of the light sensitive tissue located behind the points. Generally the retina rapidly changing light or the image to the 'impulse' or an electrical signal. The retina then sends nerve signals to the brain. In the case of AMD, fragile cell is damaged or no longer work. There are two types of AMD, referred to as AMD, AMD Wet and Dry. Wet AMD occurs when new blood vessels grow behind the retina due to the fragile nature, they bleed easily or scratches that cause visual impairment. Wet AMD occurs quickly, and sometimes as a reaction in the early stages of treatment. In all AMD patients, only 10 percent of the detected only with this problem. Clearly, Prof. Fong, Dry AMD refers to a common condition found in patients with AMD. It happens slowly, until finally the patient lost central vision. "Most people come for treatment after the middle blurred vision, seeing a color it looks gray or discolored. But in both types of AMD, it can affect both eyes even if initially it was detected in one eye only, "he said. In Asia, he said, most patients are detected with AMD is that they are faced with Dry AMD. He said if AMD can be classified at the beginning, intermediate, advanced level non-neovaskular neovaskular and advanced levels. "In the early stages of AMD, the patient lost vision usually start slow and have no symptoms. But there are also cases of early AMD, which has symptoms such as blurred vision, failing to adjust the vision of the dark to the light, and require greater light to read small type.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The risk of snoring


Habit of snoring is often considered funny and very common in society, but know someone snoring is actually the initial representation is not only faced problems with mates and quality of life but also to serious health problems.
Snoring habit occurs when a noisy breathing during sleep. It is caused by partial blockage of the airway in the nose or throat, causing vibration and the soft palate of the throat muscles to produce sound. Medical terminology for this problem is referred to as' steator.
This problem is usually detected by physicians in diagnosis of the patient's history or bed partner often has trouble falling asleep due to disturbed. Patients may also experience symptoms of snoring daytime sleepiness, headache, tiredness, fatigue, feeling irritable, often wake up at night, concentration problems and less memory. Easily the most dangerous if the patient falls asleep while driving, especially when long distances or waiting at traffic lights junction. According to the Surgeon Otorhinolaryngology Columbia Asia Hospital, Bukit Rimau, Dr Mazita Ami, the cause of snoring due to partial blockage of the airway during sleep, especially during deep sleep and it can be influenced by alcohol or drugs before going to bed. "Respiratory tract blockage can occur on the nose or throat or both. Thus the presence of adenoid tissue or large tonsils, nasal polyps, nasal bones are crooked, and patients who are overweight and have a short neck and large increased risk of snoring, "he said. The problem snoring can be associated with serious sleep problem called sleep apnea '. It occurs when the patient stops breathing for more than 10 seconds during sleep (apnea). Apnea also may occur repeatedly during sleep and causes a decrease in oxygen content in the blood of patients. Clearly, sleep apnea is left untreated hypertension can lead to problems, heart disease, stroke, glaucoma and others. That is why the snoring problem affects mostly male patients between the ages of 30 to 60 years, especially with overweight. It is important for patients to consult a specialist to find out if they have a problem of sleep apnea. This problem has some serious level as a result of sleep studies performed on patients in a sleep laboratory at the hospital or the patient's own home. Through this study, will be able to detect the frequency of "apnea during sleep due to the frequent 'apnea', the more serious stage of the disease and its impact on patients. Treatment for snoring problems depends on the cause identified. Surgery can be done to treat respiratory tract problems such as tissue narrow large tonsils, nasal polyps and others. If associated with sleep apnea, treatment of 'Continuous airway pressure' is one effective. Patients who are obese are also advised to lose weight. In fact, snoring is not a common problem that should be accepted when you age. It can lead to problems of sleep apnea is a serious and detrimental to the patient's health. People who have sleep problems with symptoms of daytime sleepiness, headache, fatigue, and emotional problems should consult a physician.

snoring prevention measures is:

1.Reduce weight if overweight problems.
2.Avoid alcohol or medicines that affect sleepy at bedtime.
3.Choosing a side sleeping position.
4.Adopt a regular sleep schedule every day.
5.Getting treatment for a stuffy nose or throat of a narrow space.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Foul body odor


Armpits and feet smell PROBLEM is troubling. More embarrassing when it disturbs others. The fact is that all people have a distinctive body odor because it stems from the process of sweating. Sweating is part of the body and we need to understand why the body produces sweat.
There are two types of glands produce sweat, the first and second Eccrine glands Apocrine glands.
Eccrine glands responsible for the sweating process in which they are connected directly to the skin to produce sweat. It seeks to regulate body temperature, as well as remove waste products such as urea, sodium, calcium or electrolyte. Dermatology Physicians and Darul Ehsan Medical Center, Dr. Abdul Kadir Jilani Noraziah, explaining Eccrine gland sweating through pure nature, clear as water and produces no odor because it will continue out to the skin surface and overflows. Apocrine glands also secrete a more viscous liquid and a bit muddy and cause problems if it is more than Eccrine glands. Apocrine glands are the body parts that many hair follicles as difficult as the armpits and pubic places. These glands contain sebum, fatty substance which is secreted sweat. Sebum is an organic material stored in the Apocrine glands. Here it easier for bacteria to break into the protein in the secretion of sweat, unlike Eccrine glands. When proteins are broken down by bacteria in the sweat, armpits or feet will produce unpleasant odor. cause body odor can be caused by the waste accumulated in the body by the digestive process is not perfect. A variety of foods, mostly used for the body while the rest are translated into the form of waste or toxins. Toxins are eliminated if the kidney, liver and intestinal tract functioning properly. For some reason, such as constipation, if the body's digestive system is not working properly, these toxins can remain in the body. Individuals who have this problem, and eat lots of meat, eggs, fish and nuts in particular will have a foul body odor. These foods contain a lot of that is not easy choline metabolism. A lot of coffee or caffeine and spicy foods that contain onion and garlic are also potential causes odor in the armpits, whether men or women. Other causes body odor problems including kidney, liver, hypoglycemia (low in sugar in the blood), infections, diabetes and thyroid. It is detected when the individual initially has no odor, a sudden change that affect body odor. Body odor is caused by genetic factors and a very active glands. causes foot odor is not much difference with the body odor. In addition to a strong foot sweat, foot odor is caused by wearing shoes or socks that have no proper ventilation for a long time. In view of the human foot thick, covered with sweat glands, sweat on the feet can be mixed with the bacteria on the surface and produces a smell. feathers on the legs, especially on the thumb can contribute to a more concentrated odor by adding the total surface on which bacteria can grow. The smell of the feet can be treated by choosing an open shoes and socks from natural materials such as cotton and wool. Keep feet dry, using talc for feet, do not use the same shoes, and avoid emotional stress through exercise such as yoga meditation. The way treating and controlling underarm odor is the use of liquid detergent containing 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, spray deodorant and spray anti-sweat. If severe enough, surgery to remove glands Apocrine in place can be problematic as well lasers and botox injections.

i have tips How to control body odor:
1.Frequent baths
2.Choose cotton fabric and loose clothing
3.Avoid high intake of choline (garlic, meat, spices, caffeine and legumes)
4.Stop smoking.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Overcome back pain


ANATOMY back body is a combination of strong bones, flexible ligaments and tendons as well as muscle and nerve sensitivity.
Her designs are not only 'strong', but protects the sensitive nerve roots. However, like other body parts, sometimes they can not escape the pain. In fact, back pain is the most "feared" as well as pain, it also affected the daily routine for causing the individual mobility.
Spinal pain may be due to various factors, for example, the swollen nerve roots; large muscle (erector spinae) stretch; bones, ligaments or joints may be injured or slipped disk. Compared with other treatments for the spine, surgery is the last choice except in cases cases of emergency. Often, doctors will only recommend surgery if the pain continues even if you are doing non-surgical treatment. If confronted with such a situation, you might consider the minimum-invasive surgery (MIS). Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur, Dr Harwant Singh, said that compared to the long spine surgery procedures, MIS assisted by sophisticated computer equipment and surgical techniques that reduce the minimum pain. Clearly, the MIS procedures reduce pain, heal faster, shorten the surgical time, less damage to soft tissue surgery as well as the size of a smaller puncture thus causing less scar puncture containers. For how to open surgery, the surgeon makes a long cut through the skin, muscle and sometimes bone. Recovery period for this type of surgery is often painful and slow. There are also patients who have not fully recovered after one month of the surgery. "minimal invasive terms used to refer to the procedure only requires a surgical puncture of less than 1.5 centimeters. Today the modern medical world moving towards this type of treatment. But there are many different surgeries that are defined as "minimal invasive" and using different approaches. Thus, it is important for patients to understand all the differences and make the best choice for them, "he said. Although MIS does not refer to only one type of surgery, but the purpose of this type of surgery is to achieve the same effect with open surgery. The difference it is done with a smaller puncture. Sometimes this type of surgery performed through small tubes. Must also be clear that not all patients can undergo this procedure. One of the advantages of MIS procedures are in operation 'open lumbar' (lower spine), which formerly caused the operation of five to six inches. This condition can cause damage to normal tissue. But through the MIS, it helps reduce the 'disorder' in the muscle. In some of the MIS approach, also known as 'keyhole surgeries' surgeon uses a small endoscopic camera at the end that is inserted through the skin. The camera allows the surgeon to see the location affected. Today, MIS has become a popular choice in many hospitals around the world. However, patients should undergo conservative treatment like physical therapy, medications before choosing surgery as an alternative treatment. Usually a doctor gives the evaluation of p depends on the condition of the patient, generally between six weeks to six months.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

planning pregnancy


Pregnancy spacing PLANNING important to ensure that children receive adequate care and affection from the mother, the more the pattern of life that demands high cost of living, careful planning is necessary to family well-being.
There was a mother wisely planned pregnancy as well as taking into account their health because sometimes, during pregnancy there is a variety of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and other unexpected pain
Most importantly, the distance of pregnancy is designed to provide relief to the internal organs and your toddler would have a period sufficient to bermanja with you. Therefore, since the beginning of human civilization, a variety of ways to plan for pregnancy to be a family trip can be managed in harmony or in the sense In other words, let the quantity of children as long as the quality decreases. In ancient Egypt, crocodile excrement many ingredients to control pregnancy while the Greeks would consider lemon skin can be used as a barrier to prevent pregnancy occurring subsequent sperm. use of condoms has also been exploited for so long as they use condoms from the linen to prevent pregnancy as well as Greek philosophers to formulate the mixture of olive oil and honey can be used as contraceptives. In fact, the previous period is also wise to plan a family cause they have many ways of controlling pregnancy. Now people need not worry about thinking about how to control pregnancy or contraception because scientific advances allow the study done by doctors and scientists in this field, led to the discovery that facilitates many groups such as the use of oral contraceptives. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), Dr Helena Lim, said women now have many options for contraception and family planning the formation of the desired compared to the past. "If they have the opportunity to plan their families, it is better family management and contribute to a positive quality of life. "Myths and perceptions about contraceptive techniques such as use of pills and systems Intrauterine outdated. With a variety of options now use contraception, women have the opportunity to make choices which suit their personal circumstances, "he said at a women's health program organized by Bayer HealthCare in Port Dickson recently. He said that facilitate women's contraceptive methods, safe practices, could owned and it benefits not only seeks to prevent pregnancy, but many health-related benefits available to women, such as control periods and benefit the skin and bones. "The use of oral contraceptives ensure the quality of women's health. When women can plan their family well, it contributes to the lack of infant mortality, prevent premenstrual disorders and acne can also be addressed. "Other benefits from taking oral contraceptives increase the quality of life is the existence of satisfactory health status among the family members went on to have more energy to build a personal career and community activities, "he said. Dr Helena, said the use of oral contraceptives also save women in many ways, especially women's health during pregnancy. "During pregnancy, many women face the risk of such undesirable content, baby dies in the content, associated symptoms, ovarian cancer and heart disease. "By taking birth control pills, women may avoid some of the symptoms related to their health and well protected from the disease," he said. The facilities and access to knowledge about birth control pills are putting women can plan a good family with good thereby empowering women at work and at home with my family.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lost seks favor


IF were men, the measure or benchmark their strengths, identify common answer refers 'masculine' them. However, if a man is facing the loss of bladder control symptoms called Urine Channels Under Symptoms (LUTS ) and the problem of prostate enlargement or prostate hyperplasia called Not Dangerous (BPH), more likely, he will lose the 'masculine' is.

President of Malaysian Association of Andrology and Men Aged Study (MSSAM), Prof Dr Zulkifli Md Zainuddin, said in theory, BPH LUTS are the main factor that can be detected through a variety of symptoms.
Among these is the weakness of bladder control, abdominal cramps, difficulty urinating, urinary halting and uncomfortable urination. "Illness is common in men aged 50 to 80 years and eventually have a negative impact on sexual quality of life and the patient," he said round-table conference in conjunction with the Third Meeting of Experts organized by the Urological Association Urology Malaysia and Singapore Urological Association, here recently. He said, many studies have found problems erectile dysfunction (ED) or erectile dysfunction, also known weak libido was associated with LUTS . "However, LUTS are not life-threatening problems, but many studies prove there is a negative impact on men's quality of life due to the problem. "Most studies explain the impact of LUTS caused by BPH can cause ED even exist until the symptoms interfere with sleep, frequent urination and interfere with bladder leakage emotional and mental suffering. "When the mind disturbed, the stimulus or erectile function was also affected men, especially among older men, which have lower rates than the young man's erection," he said. In addition, the study found that the problem of loss of bladder control urine due to BPH leads to the existence of three main problems that patients had to empty the urine bag before bed, limiting travel to areas that do have access to the bathroom and had to control their fluid intake before starting a long journey. "Even worse, quality of life of couples are affected due to frequent awake nights worried spouse with cancer, saddened by the pressure of the patients worried about the couple must be operated other than sexual activity between pairs of prejudice. "The situation is serious because it was found from 48.4 percent of men who suffer from irritation due to LUTS by 28.3 per cent admitted bored with the symptoms experienced but only 4.5 percent met the doctor, "he said. In Malaysia, a third man may face the problem of the bladder caused by enlarged prostate or BPH problems and it is normal in men over. Men Aged Asian Studies (ASAM) conducted in 2005 on the 1.155-old man 50 years to 80 years found that 34 percent of respondents experienced moderate symptoms of LUTS category / chronic and another 61 percent admit is still an active sexual activity. Data same respondents found the frequency of sexual activity was 3.1 times a month and the number is reduced if patients have problems LUTS medium category / chronic. Prof Dr Zulkifli, ASAM survey was created to determine the causes of LUTS and sexual problems in Asia and to identify the relationship between LUTS and impotence. A total of 250 male respondents were from the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor as well as Hong Kong , Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Prof Dr Zulkifli, who is also Consultant and Head of Urology Unit of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, the treatment of BPH can improve quality of life and treat ED, but before treatment started, an assessment of the patient's sexual function performed to identify of appropriate treatment.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Omnigraf treat baldness


Research shows that more than 40 percent of men suffering from hair loss at the age of 35 years, while 65 per cent by age 60. It is a global problem and involves a variety of gender, but more affecting men.
In the United States (U.S.) hair loss affects about 40 million men and 20 million women. On average, the human head has about 100,000 hair follicles. Each follicle can produce about 20 hair over one's life.
Most people lose about 50 pieces to 100 pieces a day. After the hair loss, the new hair growth begins with a new hair from the same follicle replaces the hair loss. The pattern of baldness occurs when hair loss is increasing and growing new hair is growing thin. Hair loss occurs when the rate of loss exceeds growth rates, as well as growing new hair is thinner than than the previous hair. Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Alice Clinic, Dr Alice Prethima, said pattern hair loss is generally divided into three, ie `androgenetic, baldness is associated with men and this type accounted for approximately 90 percent of hair loss is influenced by changes in testosterone. type 'Telogen effluvium' common in the two months to four months after birth and may be also associated with acute, extreme diet, physical stress and emotions. Type 'alopecia areata' will involve the loss of hair on the scalp due to variations in the immune system. "Baldness can be resolved through surgery, laser treatment, oral medication or oral, and applied in the area. However, this method takes over hair removal techniques. Transfer of hair is the most common treatment and most reliable operation for the hair loss is hair removal. "Usually men, baldness before the head to the middle of his head, while the hair thick parts, there is usually at the back of the head. So the roots of the thick hair will be taken and planted in the experience hair loss, "he said. Omnigraf technique is only available at the clinic Dr Alice in Bangsar and introduced by NeoAsia (M) Sdn Bhd. Basis for hair removal is hair taken from the a lot of hair like the back of the head and planted in areas experiencing baldness. In the introduction session treatment, Dr Alice also show video Omnigraf hair planting procedures with the procedures recorded from the operating room, saw the men suffering from baldness by the process in the conscious of the effect of bleeding minimum. Using techniques Unite Follicular Extraction (FUE), to minimize the pain and wounds or scars, compared to techniques of crop-eating hair big and lasting scars. be said to be very fast procedure to Dr Alice called it as "lunchtime treatments" or "lunch time treatment" that does not require the `patient 'to apply for leave. Dr. Alice said, within two weeks, new hair will start growing and the results are encouraging. "This procedure does not cause complications and provide a more natural effect when the hair continued to grow normally.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Yuki Nagasato not afraid to Germany


striker Japan, Yuki Nagasato refused to acknowledge himself disturbed by the clash of the Women's World Cup quarter-final against host and defending champion Germany today in Wolfsburg. Germany, the champion two times were seeded to won a third championship, while Japan advanced after the surprise Group B with win over New Zealand and Mexico before losing to England 2-0 in the final group stage match.

"I was ready to play against them," said Nagasato, who played with the club Turbine Potsdam in Germany. "I was well acquainted with the players of Germany and that way I can help the team better prepared for the match. They may be big and strong but it is not a problem for me.
In football, size does not matter. We just need to think how to play with them, "said the 66 players who have been playing for the national team with 32 networks, including during a 2-1 win over New Zealand the other day. Meanwhile, Germany coach Silvia Neid is once again not be down the captain Birgit Prinz, 33, most women players gather Kaps in the world like the last meeting of the group stage against France and, following the dismal performance in the previous two games. "I do not think it will be placed in the starting line," Prinz said that will retire after this tournament. "There is no reason to change the players in attack position," he said.

Liverpool grab Adam


Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish to overcome a big disappointment the second time in the player transfer market this summer after agreeing to sign the Scotland player, Charlie Adam from Blackpool who crashed out of the Premier League. Squad The Reds confirmed the news yesterday, stating that players 25 years will come to Merseyside to undergo medical tests and discuss personal terms.

Liverpool before looking at two bids for Adam when the transfer window last January rejected the highest bid reportedly worth around 6.5 million pounds

However, this time to understand Blackpool accept the offer of 7.5 million pounds which can be increased up to 8 million pounds depending on the performance of his appearance. Blackpool wants to keep Adam in January to help them avoid the disqualification of the English Premier League but the effort failed and Blackpool shift the focus to achieve maximum value for the player whose contract still has a year contract. Adam is a Scottish international players shortlisted for the Premier League Player of the Year award last season after scoring 12 league goals in 35 appearances. Former Rangers player became the second player bought Liverpool this summer after the club for the young England midfielder, Jordan Henderson from Sunderland last month with a reported fee of about 20 million pounds (RM96.359 million). Anfield club failed in a bid 15 million pounds (RM72. 269 ​​million) for Aston Villa winger, Stewart Downing on Tuesday, but the agent of Roma from Brazil goalkeeper Alexander Doni claimed that the player is almost certain to agree to Anfield.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Benefits of cooking oil


Cooking oil major to complete the meal. No matter what type of oil set aside either difficult to use for frying, sauteing, baking and so on in the meal.
While cooking oil is used almost every day, there are still many doubts about the types of choices made - whether good or not, especially when associated with good health and taste triggered on cooking oil.
Cooking oil, are generally divided into two types of polyunsaturated oils and mono-unsaturated oil. Polyunsaturated oils are the best among all the oils and fats, especially when compared to saturated fats. Some of these oils such as soybean, corn and sunflower seeds. However, nutritionists think, polyunsaturated fatty acids said to be easily oxidized when heated, especially when used for cooking purposes involving the use of heat or hot fire. Oxidized excessive oil consumption can be increased risk of cancer. Meanwhile, mono-unsaturated oil is said, good for heart health. The oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids as olive oil, canola, rapeseed and sunflower seeds. mono-unsaturated fatty acids are natural in blood cholesterol and helps lower cholesterol levels thereby maintaining blood cholesterol level. However, this type of oil is not suitable for frying, sauteing or otherwise used only eaten raw, although it is said to be good for the heart. Some believe, the brand is not the major factors in determining good or not a particular type of cooking oil, but it is up to as much as we take and how to choose cooking methods for healthy meals. Similarly, the taste of food, if good at adapting to cook any type of brand can make the meal was delicious. This week, the Kitchen Queen to share with readers of the type commonly used cooking oil when cooking on the benefits or advantages available to each of the oil. Oil sunflower oil from sunflower seeds are a healthy natural oils. Like olive oil, sunflower oil is used for treating highly recommended dishes. saturated fat is much lower and is good for heart health than palm oil and corn. Sunflower oil has a very clear color and no fishy odor when cooked and very liquid at room temperature, such as palm oil is very viscous. In addition, the sunflower oil also does not impair the taste, rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E required for the nutrition of the body, as well as help improve stamina, lower cholesterol and are suitable for diabetics. oil corn oil corn seed produced from corn or 'germ'. This oil has a slightly lower saturated fat content compared to palm oil. This oil is usually used for frying. When cooking oil is not too hot and not used repeatedly to fry it to prevent nutritional decline. It contains a large number of biologically active substances including phosphatides, positively influence the brain tissue, pro-vitamin A and vitamin E high, lecithin is an active antioxidant and source of Omega 6 fatty acids that are good for the skin. In addition to help people with diabetes, prevent obesity and lower cholesterol. This oil is also alleged to be able to reduce nervous tension, fatigue, increase metabolism and improve skin tone. Olive oil Olive oil is not only low in saturated fat but not mono-saturated fat content is much higher than corn oil. Undoubtedly, such a high price of olive oil and often used for Mediterranean cuisine. While many people say that food cooked with olive oil cooking oil does not Sesedap than others, but it has its own advantages in particular health angle. Oil-based cooking as well as olive oil when used repeatedly resulted oxidized cholesterol and saturated and not good for health. The effect is seen when the oil trap food debris and change color and smell. However, even olive oil is used repeatedly will not experience the oxidation process and become saturated and will not change color and smell. stomach will feel light and happy when someone takes the food there is oil up to make them stop before full. It was the result of decomposition of the energy at the heart of olive oil has many beneficial nutrients. Olive oil is not suitable for frying, but can reduce the amount of fat in daily diet. It has a high vitamin E supply and prevent cardiovascular disease. peanut oil peanut oil made ​​from nuts and is known to have little odor. In the UK it is marketed as 'groundnut oil'. It contains enough fat and is often used in cooking South Asia or Southeast Asia. Usually used for frying foods, especially french fries, fish, chicken and so on. The hand is a source of nutritious energy, protein, vitamins and minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Neymar is not for sale


Latest Santos surprise when making U-turns and tells Chelsea: 'Nyemar not for sale. " Earlier, the Blues given permission to talk with the Brazilian star after agreeing to purchase clause in respect of player contracts worth £ 40 million.

President Santos, Luis Alvaro de Oliveira surprise yesterday when asserting the 19-year-old striker will stay with his club and there will be no negotiations.
"Neymar is warm during this game. But we do not want to give any offer to transfer players to other clubs at the moment. we want him with Santos for several years, "he said. Neymar now with the Brazil squad to face challenges in the Copa America tournament. Oliveira added: "The fans love this player, not because of the way he plays, but the quality of humanity have."

Argentina smoldering


The host, Argentina felt it was "responsibility" to win the Copa America was built by the team based on Lionel Messi playing style and can not accept that finished behind their rivals, Brazil for the third consecutive year. old adversaries met in the last two final major tournament of South America with Brazil's surprise choice of double teams, but with the advantage of playing at home in the tournament which runs from today until 24 July, Argentina hopes to win the trophy for the first time since 1993.

While Argentina has to be a substitute Messi Diego Maradona navigate their attack machine, Brazil have their own smart player, Neymar, new potential successor Pele, who was already helping his club, Santos won the Libertadores Cup at the age of 19 years.
"It is our responsibility to win the championship," said Argentina coach Sergio Batista, who have high expectations of heart attack Messi moving machinery with Garapan strategy based on free position player in Barcelona. Argentina will kick off the competition in the tournament with the first match of Group A against Bolivia in Ciudad de La Plata stadium today. Brazil trained Mano Menezes back to the basic pattern of the country's football game with the nickname of "beautiful game" after the era of pragmatic Dunga, will start the competition against Venezuela in Group B at the same court on Sunday, before heading to Cordoba against Paraguay and Ecuador.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nani will not leave Man United


Manchester United winger Nani insists he 'would not be anywhere "despite the England international, Ashley Young to Old Trafford. 24-year-old Portugal player said he would work hard to find a place in the Premier League champions XI Young English after moving to the club for U.S. $ 25 last week.

"Of course I'm not going anywhere," said Nani to the Straits Times during a visit to Singapore.
"Competition to find a place in the team will be greatly strengthened and the club like United you have to be alert and hungry for more trophies."
Attendance Young is triggering speculation about the future of Nani after he was linked with Real Madrid and Inter Milan. nippy player, said he had not discuss the role of the new season with the team manager, Alex Ferguson, who is currently in the process of building a team after losing to Barcelona 3-1 in the finals of European Champions League last week. "United know what's best for the team after they get the signature of Young, "Nani said.
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