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Friday, 8 July 2011

my 4th award "one lovely blog award"


today blog owner feel so happy because i has been received a award from my friend (,actually yesterday i got this award but i am expose today.this award is my 4th awards and the name of award is "one lovely blog award" it`s beautifull name.
And since the award was a message to be delivered and presented to bloggers others to foster ties between the rope- bloggers to more closely then the award is a gift right back to my other blogger friends.
Because the award is restricted give , with a heavy heart that I can only give four friends bloggers others. Apologize for any friends bloggers are entitled to this but have not get from me. Next time, God willing I will give the presentation of the award the other or in other forms of recognition. And .... the award ,
I humbly present to:
1. ipok `site
2.bagoest blog
3.central java receipes
4.oemar info
By this I expect my readiness and willingness of bloggers on to take the award in a blog friend and redistribute to the four bloggers others.
Thank you for your willingness and sincerity of the blogger buddies .


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