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Thursday, 14 July 2011

planning pregnancy


Pregnancy spacing PLANNING important to ensure that children receive adequate care and affection from the mother, the more the pattern of life that demands high cost of living, careful planning is necessary to family well-being.
There was a mother wisely planned pregnancy as well as taking into account their health because sometimes, during pregnancy there is a variety of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and other unexpected pain
Most importantly, the distance of pregnancy is designed to provide relief to the internal organs and your toddler would have a period sufficient to bermanja with you. Therefore, since the beginning of human civilization, a variety of ways to plan for pregnancy to be a family trip can be managed in harmony or in the sense In other words, let the quantity of children as long as the quality decreases. In ancient Egypt, crocodile excrement many ingredients to control pregnancy while the Greeks would consider lemon skin can be used as a barrier to prevent pregnancy occurring subsequent sperm. use of condoms has also been exploited for so long as they use condoms from the linen to prevent pregnancy as well as Greek philosophers to formulate the mixture of olive oil and honey can be used as contraceptives. In fact, the previous period is also wise to plan a family cause they have many ways of controlling pregnancy. Now people need not worry about thinking about how to control pregnancy or contraception because scientific advances allow the study done by doctors and scientists in this field, led to the discovery that facilitates many groups such as the use of oral contraceptives. Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM), Dr Helena Lim, said women now have many options for contraception and family planning the formation of the desired compared to the past. "If they have the opportunity to plan their families, it is better family management and contribute to a positive quality of life. "Myths and perceptions about contraceptive techniques such as use of pills and systems Intrauterine outdated. With a variety of options now use contraception, women have the opportunity to make choices which suit their personal circumstances, "he said at a women's health program organized by Bayer HealthCare in Port Dickson recently. He said that facilitate women's contraceptive methods, safe practices, could owned and it benefits not only seeks to prevent pregnancy, but many health-related benefits available to women, such as control periods and benefit the skin and bones. "The use of oral contraceptives ensure the quality of women's health. When women can plan their family well, it contributes to the lack of infant mortality, prevent premenstrual disorders and acne can also be addressed. "Other benefits from taking oral contraceptives increase the quality of life is the existence of satisfactory health status among the family members went on to have more energy to build a personal career and community activities, "he said. Dr Helena, said the use of oral contraceptives also save women in many ways, especially women's health during pregnancy. "During pregnancy, many women face the risk of such undesirable content, baby dies in the content, associated symptoms, ovarian cancer and heart disease. "By taking birth control pills, women may avoid some of the symptoms related to their health and well protected from the disease," he said. The facilities and access to knowledge about birth control pills are putting women can plan a good family with good thereby empowering women at work and at home with my family.


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