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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Overcome back pain


ANATOMY back body is a combination of strong bones, flexible ligaments and tendons as well as muscle and nerve sensitivity.
Her designs are not only 'strong', but protects the sensitive nerve roots. However, like other body parts, sometimes they can not escape the pain. In fact, back pain is the most "feared" as well as pain, it also affected the daily routine for causing the individual mobility.
Spinal pain may be due to various factors, for example, the swollen nerve roots; large muscle (erector spinae) stretch; bones, ligaments or joints may be injured or slipped disk. Compared with other treatments for the spine, surgery is the last choice except in cases cases of emergency. Often, doctors will only recommend surgery if the pain continues even if you are doing non-surgical treatment. If confronted with such a situation, you might consider the minimum-invasive surgery (MIS). Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur, Dr Harwant Singh, said that compared to the long spine surgery procedures, MIS assisted by sophisticated computer equipment and surgical techniques that reduce the minimum pain. Clearly, the MIS procedures reduce pain, heal faster, shorten the surgical time, less damage to soft tissue surgery as well as the size of a smaller puncture thus causing less scar puncture containers. For how to open surgery, the surgeon makes a long cut through the skin, muscle and sometimes bone. Recovery period for this type of surgery is often painful and slow. There are also patients who have not fully recovered after one month of the surgery. "minimal invasive terms used to refer to the procedure only requires a surgical puncture of less than 1.5 centimeters. Today the modern medical world moving towards this type of treatment. But there are many different surgeries that are defined as "minimal invasive" and using different approaches. Thus, it is important for patients to understand all the differences and make the best choice for them, "he said. Although MIS does not refer to only one type of surgery, but the purpose of this type of surgery is to achieve the same effect with open surgery. The difference it is done with a smaller puncture. Sometimes this type of surgery performed through small tubes. Must also be clear that not all patients can undergo this procedure. One of the advantages of MIS procedures are in operation 'open lumbar' (lower spine), which formerly caused the operation of five to six inches. This condition can cause damage to normal tissue. But through the MIS, it helps reduce the 'disorder' in the muscle. In some of the MIS approach, also known as 'keyhole surgeries' surgeon uses a small endoscopic camera at the end that is inserted through the skin. The camera allows the surgeon to see the location affected. Today, MIS has become a popular choice in many hospitals around the world. However, patients should undergo conservative treatment like physical therapy, medications before choosing surgery as an alternative treatment. Usually a doctor gives the evaluation of p depends on the condition of the patient, generally between six weeks to six months.


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