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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lost seks favor


IF were men, the measure or benchmark their strengths, identify common answer refers 'masculine' them. However, if a man is facing the loss of bladder control symptoms called Urine Channels Under Symptoms (LUTS ) and the problem of prostate enlargement or prostate hyperplasia called Not Dangerous (BPH), more likely, he will lose the 'masculine' is.

President of Malaysian Association of Andrology and Men Aged Study (MSSAM), Prof Dr Zulkifli Md Zainuddin, said in theory, BPH LUTS are the main factor that can be detected through a variety of symptoms.
Among these is the weakness of bladder control, abdominal cramps, difficulty urinating, urinary halting and uncomfortable urination. "Illness is common in men aged 50 to 80 years and eventually have a negative impact on sexual quality of life and the patient," he said round-table conference in conjunction with the Third Meeting of Experts organized by the Urological Association Urology Malaysia and Singapore Urological Association, here recently. He said, many studies have found problems erectile dysfunction (ED) or erectile dysfunction, also known weak libido was associated with LUTS . "However, LUTS are not life-threatening problems, but many studies prove there is a negative impact on men's quality of life due to the problem. "Most studies explain the impact of LUTS caused by BPH can cause ED even exist until the symptoms interfere with sleep, frequent urination and interfere with bladder leakage emotional and mental suffering. "When the mind disturbed, the stimulus or erectile function was also affected men, especially among older men, which have lower rates than the young man's erection," he said. In addition, the study found that the problem of loss of bladder control urine due to BPH leads to the existence of three main problems that patients had to empty the urine bag before bed, limiting travel to areas that do have access to the bathroom and had to control their fluid intake before starting a long journey. "Even worse, quality of life of couples are affected due to frequent awake nights worried spouse with cancer, saddened by the pressure of the patients worried about the couple must be operated other than sexual activity between pairs of prejudice. "The situation is serious because it was found from 48.4 percent of men who suffer from irritation due to LUTS by 28.3 per cent admitted bored with the symptoms experienced but only 4.5 percent met the doctor, "he said. In Malaysia, a third man may face the problem of the bladder caused by enlarged prostate or BPH problems and it is normal in men over. Men Aged Asian Studies (ASAM) conducted in 2005 on the 1.155-old man 50 years to 80 years found that 34 percent of respondents experienced moderate symptoms of LUTS category / chronic and another 61 percent admit is still an active sexual activity. Data same respondents found the frequency of sexual activity was 3.1 times a month and the number is reduced if patients have problems LUTS medium category / chronic. Prof Dr Zulkifli, ASAM survey was created to determine the causes of LUTS and sexual problems in Asia and to identify the relationship between LUTS and impotence. A total of 250 male respondents were from the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor as well as Hong Kong , Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. Prof Dr Zulkifli, who is also Consultant and Head of Urology Unit of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, the treatment of BPH can improve quality of life and treat ED, but before treatment started, an assessment of the patient's sexual function performed to identify of appropriate treatment.


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