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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The risk of snoring


Habit of snoring is often considered funny and very common in society, but know someone snoring is actually the initial representation is not only faced problems with mates and quality of life but also to serious health problems.
Snoring habit occurs when a noisy breathing during sleep. It is caused by partial blockage of the airway in the nose or throat, causing vibration and the soft palate of the throat muscles to produce sound. Medical terminology for this problem is referred to as' steator.
This problem is usually detected by physicians in diagnosis of the patient's history or bed partner often has trouble falling asleep due to disturbed. Patients may also experience symptoms of snoring daytime sleepiness, headache, tiredness, fatigue, feeling irritable, often wake up at night, concentration problems and less memory. Easily the most dangerous if the patient falls asleep while driving, especially when long distances or waiting at traffic lights junction. According to the Surgeon Otorhinolaryngology Columbia Asia Hospital, Bukit Rimau, Dr Mazita Ami, the cause of snoring due to partial blockage of the airway during sleep, especially during deep sleep and it can be influenced by alcohol or drugs before going to bed. "Respiratory tract blockage can occur on the nose or throat or both. Thus the presence of adenoid tissue or large tonsils, nasal polyps, nasal bones are crooked, and patients who are overweight and have a short neck and large increased risk of snoring, "he said. The problem snoring can be associated with serious sleep problem called sleep apnea '. It occurs when the patient stops breathing for more than 10 seconds during sleep (apnea). Apnea also may occur repeatedly during sleep and causes a decrease in oxygen content in the blood of patients. Clearly, sleep apnea is left untreated hypertension can lead to problems, heart disease, stroke, glaucoma and others. That is why the snoring problem affects mostly male patients between the ages of 30 to 60 years, especially with overweight. It is important for patients to consult a specialist to find out if they have a problem of sleep apnea. This problem has some serious level as a result of sleep studies performed on patients in a sleep laboratory at the hospital or the patient's own home. Through this study, will be able to detect the frequency of "apnea during sleep due to the frequent 'apnea', the more serious stage of the disease and its impact on patients. Treatment for snoring problems depends on the cause identified. Surgery can be done to treat respiratory tract problems such as tissue narrow large tonsils, nasal polyps and others. If associated with sleep apnea, treatment of 'Continuous airway pressure' is one effective. Patients who are obese are also advised to lose weight. In fact, snoring is not a common problem that should be accepted when you age. It can lead to problems of sleep apnea is a serious and detrimental to the patient's health. People who have sleep problems with symptoms of daytime sleepiness, headache, fatigue, and emotional problems should consult a physician.

snoring prevention measures is:

1.Reduce weight if overweight problems.
2.Avoid alcohol or medicines that affect sleepy at bedtime.
3.Choosing a side sleeping position.
4.Adopt a regular sleep schedule every day.
5.Getting treatment for a stuffy nose or throat of a narrow space.


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