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Monday, 11 July 2011

Omnigraf treat baldness


Research shows that more than 40 percent of men suffering from hair loss at the age of 35 years, while 65 per cent by age 60. It is a global problem and involves a variety of gender, but more affecting men.
In the United States (U.S.) hair loss affects about 40 million men and 20 million women. On average, the human head has about 100,000 hair follicles. Each follicle can produce about 20 hair over one's life.
Most people lose about 50 pieces to 100 pieces a day. After the hair loss, the new hair growth begins with a new hair from the same follicle replaces the hair loss. The pattern of baldness occurs when hair loss is increasing and growing new hair is growing thin. Hair loss occurs when the rate of loss exceeds growth rates, as well as growing new hair is thinner than than the previous hair. Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Alice Clinic, Dr Alice Prethima, said pattern hair loss is generally divided into three, ie `androgenetic, baldness is associated with men and this type accounted for approximately 90 percent of hair loss is influenced by changes in testosterone. type 'Telogen effluvium' common in the two months to four months after birth and may be also associated with acute, extreme diet, physical stress and emotions. Type 'alopecia areata' will involve the loss of hair on the scalp due to variations in the immune system. "Baldness can be resolved through surgery, laser treatment, oral medication or oral, and applied in the area. However, this method takes over hair removal techniques. Transfer of hair is the most common treatment and most reliable operation for the hair loss is hair removal. "Usually men, baldness before the head to the middle of his head, while the hair thick parts, there is usually at the back of the head. So the roots of the thick hair will be taken and planted in the experience hair loss, "he said. Omnigraf technique is only available at the clinic Dr Alice in Bangsar and introduced by NeoAsia (M) Sdn Bhd. Basis for hair removal is hair taken from the a lot of hair like the back of the head and planted in areas experiencing baldness. In the introduction session treatment, Dr Alice also show video Omnigraf hair planting procedures with the procedures recorded from the operating room, saw the men suffering from baldness by the process in the conscious of the effect of bleeding minimum. Using techniques Unite Follicular Extraction (FUE), to minimize the pain and wounds or scars, compared to techniques of crop-eating hair big and lasting scars. be said to be very fast procedure to Dr Alice called it as "lunchtime treatments" or "lunch time treatment" that does not require the `patient 'to apply for leave. Dr. Alice said, within two weeks, new hair will start growing and the results are encouraging. "This procedure does not cause complications and provide a more natural effect when the hair continued to grow normally.


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