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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Foul body odor


Armpits and feet smell PROBLEM is troubling. More embarrassing when it disturbs others. The fact is that all people have a distinctive body odor because it stems from the process of sweating. Sweating is part of the body and we need to understand why the body produces sweat.
There are two types of glands produce sweat, the first and second Eccrine glands Apocrine glands.
Eccrine glands responsible for the sweating process in which they are connected directly to the skin to produce sweat. It seeks to regulate body temperature, as well as remove waste products such as urea, sodium, calcium or electrolyte. Dermatology Physicians and Darul Ehsan Medical Center, Dr. Abdul Kadir Jilani Noraziah, explaining Eccrine gland sweating through pure nature, clear as water and produces no odor because it will continue out to the skin surface and overflows. Apocrine glands also secrete a more viscous liquid and a bit muddy and cause problems if it is more than Eccrine glands. Apocrine glands are the body parts that many hair follicles as difficult as the armpits and pubic places. These glands contain sebum, fatty substance which is secreted sweat. Sebum is an organic material stored in the Apocrine glands. Here it easier for bacteria to break into the protein in the secretion of sweat, unlike Eccrine glands. When proteins are broken down by bacteria in the sweat, armpits or feet will produce unpleasant odor. cause body odor can be caused by the waste accumulated in the body by the digestive process is not perfect. A variety of foods, mostly used for the body while the rest are translated into the form of waste or toxins. Toxins are eliminated if the kidney, liver and intestinal tract functioning properly. For some reason, such as constipation, if the body's digestive system is not working properly, these toxins can remain in the body. Individuals who have this problem, and eat lots of meat, eggs, fish and nuts in particular will have a foul body odor. These foods contain a lot of that is not easy choline metabolism. A lot of coffee or caffeine and spicy foods that contain onion and garlic are also potential causes odor in the armpits, whether men or women. Other causes body odor problems including kidney, liver, hypoglycemia (low in sugar in the blood), infections, diabetes and thyroid. It is detected when the individual initially has no odor, a sudden change that affect body odor. Body odor is caused by genetic factors and a very active glands. causes foot odor is not much difference with the body odor. In addition to a strong foot sweat, foot odor is caused by wearing shoes or socks that have no proper ventilation for a long time. In view of the human foot thick, covered with sweat glands, sweat on the feet can be mixed with the bacteria on the surface and produces a smell. feathers on the legs, especially on the thumb can contribute to a more concentrated odor by adding the total surface on which bacteria can grow. The smell of the feet can be treated by choosing an open shoes and socks from natural materials such as cotton and wool. Keep feet dry, using talc for feet, do not use the same shoes, and avoid emotional stress through exercise such as yoga meditation. The way treating and controlling underarm odor is the use of liquid detergent containing 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, spray deodorant and spray anti-sweat. If severe enough, surgery to remove glands Apocrine in place can be problematic as well lasers and botox injections.

i have tips How to control body odor:
1.Frequent baths
2.Choose cotton fabric and loose clothing
3.Avoid high intake of choline (garlic, meat, spices, caffeine and legumes)
4.Stop smoking.


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