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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Practice relaxation exercises


Exercise alone can raise the open relaxed fun, but more importantly can help maintain good health. Research shows that middle-aged women who exercise are more fun in a relaxing face life than their peers who exercise intensively. Elavsky Steriani study from Penn State University, in Pennsylvania, on 255 women aged 40 and 60 years, found that by doing exercise on scale twice relaxed they looked energized.

Through the study, all women are given a choice whether they want to do recreational activities in a relaxing or active as volunteers noted that they would monitor the situation while doing the activity.
Overall, women who do leisure relaxing on a scale of two times to show they appear to still be vibrant and healthy lifestyle activities involving, in the future, while some of them showed increased feelings of sadness and guilt than the women who undergo an intensive workout. "Exercise will make the individual feel more comfortable if done by way of relaxing than stressful, especially if it is rarely done, "said Elavsky told Reuters Health. He and his counterparts in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey, studied 255 women with any all the women not undergoing hormone therapy and exercise every day for two weeks, the study revealed that during a meeting of the North American Menopause Center in Washington. At the beginning of the study, the women completed two exercises, relaxation and intensive. Intensive exercise involving women walking on the treadmill and they are found to be consistent, while women who exercise too casual for 30 minutes on threadmill based on speed is more consistent choice. All women who underwent the study seemed to wear an accelerometer to detect the use of energy and time spent when they do activities at different intensity. The study also found women who exercise have laid a better spirit and energy as well live in peace. "physical activity that is relaxing and not too pressing is suitable for their who suffer from overweight. "exercise drills are just a little contribute to increased morale and for individuals who face the problem of overweight or unhealthy, the significance of their peace force decreased after the drill-oriented exercise," he said. To give an example of the relaxed form of exercise that can be done, Elavsky, said some of the slow walk, dance hall, biking over rough terrain, berkeno, gardening, soccer field, volleyball, tennis and water exercise. He hoped that the study of exercise and fitness This gives women the confidence to be a routine exercise can be good for the life of more peace and they do not have to struggle to do that is not the usual routine when they play. "We hope that the operator or those involved in this field suggest that exercise or recreational activities appropriate to those who come for advice about exercise form can be done, "he said.
He stressed, middle-aged women are among the most inactive group exercises. It is important to all women to understand whether done by hard exercise cause different effects against the spirit, or whether this response represents the total physical activity middle-aged women.


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