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Sunday, 30 October 2011



PUBLIC thought or way of living environments that do not satisfy hygiene as a cause of the occurrence of infections or skin irritation. But, in fact, a very clean environment can also cause infection, irritation or allergy on the skin.
Disease eczema, itching, or inflammation of the skin, for example, found in more developed countries, the common people are concerned about cleanliness. High number of people with eczema recorded in developed countries over the past three decades.
It is probably due to the very clean in the developed countries to make a person immune system lazy, so can not distinguish between good and bad elements. "lazy immune system will react with any bacteria present to make an extremely sensitive and easily to allergies, "says Consultant Paediatric Dermatology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), Dr Leong Kin Fon. He was speaking at the launch of a campaign against eczema in Malaysia, "United Against Itch ', organized by LEO Pharma recently. LEO Pharma, a research-based pharmaceutical company from Denmark to work with local and international doctors to combat eczema, a skin disease that affects two out of 10 Malaysians, but can be treated. Manager (National) LEO Pharma, Tan Keng Aun said, we have formed this partnership aims to create awareness about eczema and told the community that there is hope for the sufferer to control the disease. Elaborating the problem of eczema, Dr Leong said, based on monitoring of research, there is a connection between most patients with the level of development of eczema. For example, in Malaysia, a total of 12.6 per cent of people with eczema are school children compared to Indonesia, about 3.7 percent. This phenomenon is also seen in parts of East Malaysia, where the rate is lower in the patient compared to the mainland. Dr Leong said one feature of eczema is a skin irritation that makes people always want to scratch. The skin is very dry eczema sufferers because there is no restraining layer of liquid in the skin. In fact, there is dynamic interaction between genetic and environmental as well as the factors triggering the disease eczema itching and scratching habits, the weather is warm, dry, sweat, bacteria, soap or detergent to dry skin, food allergy and pollen. "A person can also suffer from eczema as well as genetic factors or immunologik microbial growth trend," he said. The skin is usually very itchy eczema patients, redness and sometimes blisters when having an attack. Due to frequent scratching, not just the damaged skin, but allows the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus), which 95 percent are people with atopic eczema on the skin (surface), infectious and multiply. As a result, the skin is not only more likely to become dry and brittle, but it is also more sensitive to the impact of chemicals or other elements that cause allergic reactions. "When the bacteria enter the skin damaged by scratch so distant, absorption of toxins to the skin swollen and extremely itchy. The infection is slowing down the healing of this disease. Eventually, the scaly skin thick and crusty, "he said. People who have eczema are often tied up in a cycle of itching and the urge to scratch for a prolonged period. To treat this disease, this cycle must be determined. Dr Leong said, eczema can be controlled with the use of drugs that can help break the itch-scratch cycle, providing fast relief from itching, and even eliminate skin kelepuhan better. She is also more emphasis on consulting with parents or guardians of children to give them a proper understanding of this disease. "method can be applied to control the eczema is by balancing the factors trigger eczema attacks. "This disease can not be recovered, so good control or management hoped to reduce or shorten the period of the attack, making children happier, "he said. Consultant Dermatologist at the Hammersmith Hospital, United Kingdom, Prof. Anthony Chu, said that eczema is not just a problem in the patient alone, but also the environment and family life , including their sleep. This is because children suffering from eczema, frequent crying and difficulty sleeping and thus also affect their physical development. "What is important, parents, guardians and families of children need to block to manage children with eczema. Naturally, the disease will gradually disappear when the child is stepping up. "menghidapnya majority of patients before the age of five years and 50 percent of them were recovered by the age of 10 years. Rarely patients continue to suffer from eczema from childhood to adulthood, "he said. Therefore, he suggested that the mother, father and guardian of mutual help in managing children with eczema and looking for the most appropriate method to reduce the inconvenience incurred by their children. "In terms of medication is , many parents who were reluctant when told their child should be given medicines that contain steroids for fear of side effects. "The perception was altered accordingly. Spreads steroids can help control the disease well, provided it is used correctly based on expert advice. "In addition, parents should also be cautious in choosing drugs. Although drugs may be their choice was based on herbs, does not mean it is safe to take, "he said. In the meantime, General Manager (National) LEO Pharma, Tan Keng Aun said, we have formed this partnership aims to create awareness about eczema and told the people that There is hope for the sufferer to control the disease.

conventional treatment for eczema
1.Bathing every day with a gentle bath products and treat dry skin
2.Use moisturizer on the skin
3.Rub ointment containing steroids or calcineurin barrier ointment
4.Rub antibiotic
5.The use of sedative antihistamines


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