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Monday, 22 August 2011

Toddlers bedwetting


PROBLEM bedwetting child is between the concerns of parents when returning to the village or holiday. The question is, is this a regular habit that can be tolerated, especially if it continues until the child reaches the age of six?
According to UK Health Advisory Service (NHS), bedwetting, or the scientific name "nocturnal enuresis" is very common among children especially under age seven. One in five children aged seven years, one in 20 children aged 10 years dealing with bedwetting, and it is more common among boys than girls.
Sometimes bedwetting habits can also be caused by health problems like diabetes or cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). There are also among some children, this behavior may be due can`t to antidiuretic hormone produce enough functional control urine production at night. However, in general, we need to know the facts more easily, some children develop control over bladder urine is quite late compared to other children. He may also face psychological problems because of problems at school or home, for example. For adults, when the bladder is full at night, the brain will keep the bladder to empty. The ability to undergo this process is not there a natural birth. Instead, it formed gradually and by the age of six, a child generally have the ability. However, between seven per cent of children in the surrounding 10 years of age and between one to two percent of teenagers in the age of 15 years are still experiencing this problem. Especially if the mother or father or both was also faced with the problem of bedwetting during childhood, the children face the risk to between 75 to 40 percent for the experience. Although most parents believe that eventually the child will be able to deal with this problem in line with the increase age, some children who need help. Believe it or not, the method to overcome bedwetting habits is hypnosis. Some people define hypnosis as a condition of all outstanding individual focus that causes a sense of calm and relaxing. When the hypnosis session, the mind is open to more suggestions than usual. Children said in a state of self hypnosis (self-hypnosis) when they play alone. Actors or athletes often using hypnosis to improve their performance. Generally, hypnosis enables them to learn to change perceptions, feelings and attitudes. Hypnosis can also be used to reduce the fear, pain control or change bad habits. In 2004, a study published in the Journal of Norwegian Medical Association to submit the use of hypnosis techniques to children who are dealing with bedwetting habits. The report said, hypnosis is one effective treatment to address the chronic problem of bedwetting. Principal, London College of Clinical Hypnosis in Malaysia (LCCH), Sheila Menon, said that bedwetting is a common problem caused embarrassment to the children and their parents make difficult hearts. "A child is too young to understand the logic of adults. Thus, they will become too focused on image bedwetting. The images will result in embarrassment and made ​​them depressed. "Hypnosis can help overcome this problem. The first thing a member of the hypnotherapy will do is to focus the attention back to the problems of family members as a dry bed. Sometimes it is enough, "he said. Clearly, Sheila, children are faced with the problem of bedwetting can be trained mentally on the bedtime routine. Generally, when the bladder of a child was full, they will wake up and go to the toilet before returning to sleep happy. "In the case of bedwetting, hypnosis therapist will teach techniques to control bladder muscles and to the subconscious. What is important, the problem of bedwetting is not a disease. Instead it is the ability to control bladder muscles and a child. Therefore, as parents, impatient with habits and at the same time, help him solve the problem.

five children overcome bedwetting guide
1.See a doctor to stop the problem if your child is aged six or seven years. Tests will be conducted to ensure that children are free from the bladder infection.

2.Do not law because it gives the child more stress. These children are not able to control his habit and the punishment will affect the identity.

3.Respect the personal rights - children's shame as bedwetting, and of course he did not want others to know about the problem.

4.Teach children wake up at night to urinate. Practice every night to educate the mind and body to wake up to urinate before she urinated in bed.

5.Think positive and patient. Tell yourself the effort a child takes to stop the habit. Intolerant attitude just makes it more stressful.


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