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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Luis Suarez is suspended eight games


Liverpool striker (Luis Suarez) is suspended eight games and fined 40.000 pounds for issuing racist words against Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during the English Premier League matches Anfield last October, according to the FA yesterday.
Uruguay international striker is found guilty of misconduct in using 'insulting words' to Evra during a match last October 15, including reference to the color of the French defense.
Suarez in the message via Twitter saying: "Today is the most difficult and painful to me and my family. Thanks to all who provide support. " Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said: "Very disappointed with today's decision. This is the time Luis Suarez needs support. Do not let him walk alone. " FA announced the results of Suarez, who repeatedly denied allegations that the website ( after the trial that began last December 14. The Commission said: "Mr. Suarez using insulting words to Mr Evra during the match against FA Rule E3 (1). A derogatory word used to refer to Mr. Suarez, including Mr Evra skin color within the meaning of Rule E3 (2). "Mr. Suarez is cautioned not to repeat that and he suspended eight games in all first team competitive and fined 40.000 pounds.


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