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Friday, 20 May 2011

Diego maradona


BUENOS AIRES: Diego Maradona is Argentina issued a fact in that unlicensed televisyen successor as coach nationality in a state of 'hangover' that free reserves because Manchester City`s striker, Carlos Tevez is not necessary for the Copa America competition.

Sergio Batista said Tevez is not necessary because he have a player like as Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Real Madrid player, Gonzalo Higuain who played in the same position. "You must be a drunk or imaginary after sucking medicine if you will not calling Tevez," Maradona told TyC yesterday input channel.

Do not tell me will you test the other players ... ” test what you declare it? "
Maradona, who last week agreed to train the United Arab Emiriyah club Al Wasl, says Messi is the player who figured diferent incompatible with the role of the center * the 9.

"Everyone has a style diferent game, but I'm not going down No Messi as a player. 9, "he said.
Tevez was also confused about cause he ignore.
"I will play for the national army," he told La Red radio station.

The realization that free charges ignore because Tevez he did not have good relations with Messi.

"I have a good relationship with the little people (Massey). ”Messi is the best in the world, it is fitting he and 10 other players, "teves said..


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