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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lack of sleep make weight increase


Care your health because with health,our life will be more fun.I heard a study in Europe found that lack of sleep slows down your metabolism, then cause the body to use minimalize energy.

Results of recent studies that reported the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adds to evidence of lack of sleep may cause weight gain.

The study was backing up to get sufficient sleep may stymie added weight gain, says Christian Benedict of the University of Uppsala in Sweden who chaired the study.
Our findings indicate lack of sleep a day by subtracting the use of excessive force among men sleep advice because orbit contribute to the balancing of daily use, "he wrote.
Previous studies have linked sleep deprivation with weight gain and also shows how disturbed sleep also face pressure and interfere with hormones related to hunger when the guard.

To know the truth must have a mechanism in which lack of sleep may have the impression like this, Benedict and his friend Universiti man put 14 students through some of 'state of' sleep. i hope this article usefully for you all..thank you..


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