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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

my 3rd award


today i have received 3rd award from my friend,this is a recognition for me and feel very very happy because this is a apresiation for me. and I want to say many-many thanks to the nanaz bazie bloggers and who have given me this award and also the other blogger friend who was willing to visit.
The provisions of the award giver as follows:

1. For the friend who received the Award shall give utterance Thank you for saying thank you is very precious and more valuable than gold prize
2.if received this award and pass it on to other friends have come from the giver award
3.for the friend is also obliged to follow and install the Link / Banner Buddy is a blog that provides Award. (For those friends who do not follow or put a link poster award)

4. Buddy who receives this Award shall provide to the other Companions Blogger

5. For the friends obliged to comment below before taking Award

As the above provisions, I also want to give this award to my friends who have never received an award from me, as follows:
Please take the award in the pal and leave your comments .. thanks ..


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