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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Carlos Tevez lye corruption scandal


Carlos Tevez and Manchester City are now being dragged in a corruption scandal because of arranging the match results. When there is no picture to show whether the star from Argentina or even the clubs lured into illicit acts, the court is to analyze evidence that Greece Europa League match between the City against Aris in February became the target of a gambler.

What is surprising is that the prosecutor presented the recording of a telephone conversation in which one of Greece's players claimed that Tevez's club will be approached to assist them in determining the match results.
Midfielder Aris, Kostas Mendrinos heard suggests he may ask his teammates - former City, Nery Castillo - to persuade Tevez to allow the Greek club's win. It is believed a stake valued at nearly 6,000 pounds set up for the match. Mendrinos allegedly said "I will speak with all the possibilities with Castillo to go for Tevez, who is also captain City and we also need to tell Koke (Aris captain) likely to win here."
Tevez last night denied any knowledge or involvement in the scandal as alleged.


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