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Saturday, 16 April 2011

How To Easily Install Menu Horizontal On Blogger


  let us learn how to make (more precisely: how to install) Horizontal Menu on your blog. 
Follow these steps:

  1. First please visit the following website
    On the web that we will get the HTML code and CSS Horizontal Menu, How?  Okey, go to the next step
    2. On the main web page we will meet a wide variety of menu  horizontal or vertical. We just select which  ones we will use take the code and set the horisontal menu view please click customize
 4.After the click ,will show a new window,then it will look like the following view

 I'll explain a little, on the left side has provided a place to edit the colors and so forth, please try it. And when you finish editing we can just take their HTML and CSS code on the right side of the tab CSS and HTML. 

please copy all the code should not be missing something left.
5. Then open your blogger account and please go to the "LAYOUT". Then add WIDGET / GADGET new in your template. Choose which could be to edit the HTML and JavaScript. Then paste that code on the new GADGET, and then save it ..

i and up here first my post this time..and good luck! thank u.... 


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