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Friday, 13 April 2012



Problem gallstones caused a chemical imbalance between the deposition of cholesterol in the gallbladder. Time required for gall stones are formed from small grains of sand to stone size larger. The gallbladder actually works as a thick liquid storage organ until it is needed to digest fats in your small intestine.
Consultant Surgeon General and hepato-pancreas, Sunway Medical Centre (SMC), Dr Bong Jin explained in January, when the formation of grains of sand in the gallbladder, it causes the liquid in which the more concentrated due to chemical imbalance causing particles before the formation of hard gallstones.
Dr Bong said the disease is usually treated using various methods, including laparoscopic procedures that keyhole-sized surgical procedures (keyhole) using the special small instruments for surgery. In this case, the key to success of this procedure is a very good camera system. "Now, experts use high definition cameras. Therefore, they can approach the texture and translate three-dimensional space the TV monitors in two
dimensions to enable the operation run. "this procedure requires training, skill and expertise is very high," he said Healthy column, recently. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy can said to be the procedure for the treatment of choice in Malaysia now where 90 percent of patients had a laparoscopic surgery. The remaining 10 percent is open surgery. open surgery is the most complicated technique in which the patient was in serious condition with anatomy that is not so clear. conventional laparoscopic surgery now developing as evolutionary step. Not only are the instruments used more wisely, but its size is too small to reach three more millimeters. It aims to provide more comfort and pain relief to patients. This is very common among young women between 30 to 40 years . question is, why should a large surgical wound when there is an instrument that can produce a very small surgical wound and gradually disappeared from view. procedure known as Needlescopic Cholecystectomy (NC) is not only able to carry out keyhole surgery to patients with gallstones and even those suffering from appendicitis. procedure is fairly relevant to young women aged 18 to 20 are concerned about imperfections in terms of cosmetic surgery. However, the NC requires special training, it means the generation of general surgeons over the age may not be able to do so. Apart greater cost savings, the criteria can be said 90 percent of patients come from diverse backgrounds, regardless of age and the severity of the patient's condition. Patients then also need to be healthy enough to give the public anesthesia. This surgery takes 30 to 45 minutes in which the patient will rest overnight before being allowed to return the next day. Now, the world laparoscopic procedure is assisted by a better instrument. Therefore, the responsibility of physicians to offer patients a better cosmetic effect and not painful. said Dr Bong, NC is still too new in the country this. However, SMC is the first medical center in Malaysia to use the procedure in recent months. To date, 10 to 15 patients have undergone the procedure and the results are quite encouraging. However, this procedure is basically the risk of bile duct injury of 0.2 per cent if it is done experts who are not experienced. Once bile duct injuries, complications involving four to five hours of surgery to include them. Although it can be included back and combined with bile kecill, patients will experience long-term complications as recurrent infections and liver scirosis. risk is quite membabitkannya small but relatively high number of cases in Malaysia. Clearly, Dr Bong again, have the best instruments for the purpose of treatment is helping. However, the most important thing that needs to be emphasized is to choose a surgeon who is really experienced the NC is a very complicated procedure. " For bile duct specialist, I do a lot of surgical correction of errors and injuries due to bile duct conducted a general surgeon is not experienced, "he said, explaining where the bile duct is injured, the patients also face a lifetime risk of birth defects.


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