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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Arsene Wenger confident Gunners push


Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal can still finish in the Premier League top four groups thus qualified for the Champions League, next season despite just a 0-0 draw against Bolton, early yesterday morning .
However, before that, every game from now until the end of the season will be considered as final after the disappointment at Bolton which saw two points dropped to meet the bottom four clubs group.
"Of course I was confident of finishing in the top four groups," said Wenger on Arsenal's chances in the Premier League this season. "There is still far away. I am confident we can make a comeback. "We've been through a difficult period, losing three consecutive league games but we also have a chance to win. We are confident but need to improve from game to game play. "For us, every game is now final. We will be entering a period in which the challenges of the FA Cup, Champions League, and combined the three, it is very difficult. "We think, two points dropped is because we are too confident of winning the match. We have been providing the best in every game. "More disappointing, Arsenal also lost England midfielder Jack Wilshere who suffered leg fractures. Two attempts Robin van Persie denied goalposts in the match which saw Arsenal squandered a chance to row on Bolton who struggled in the league this season, but at least the end Eh draw three defeats.


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