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Monday, 20 February 2012



unhealthy life style, high-fat diet, smoking and lack of exercise puts you at risk of potentially dangerous cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death around the world at the age of 25 years .
Study World Health Organization (WHO) in 2008 on the cause of death in individuals aged less than 70 years in Asia found that 70 to 80 percent of deaths are people with diabetes cardiovascular disease stage two.
Recent research also shows that Southeast Asia's second highest ranking for diabetes is 161 percent, with a total of 22.3 million in 2000 and is projected to surge to 58.1 million in 2030. Head of Service, and Medical Therapy Department and Head of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Hospital Prince of Wales, University of Hong Kong China, Dr. Francis CC Chow, said it was hard to convince people to change bad habits and lifestyle, the increasing number of people and number of deaths from cardiovascular disease each year. "All parties must proactively identify risk factors for this disease. Changing lifestyle is the key to rising standards of living and also stimulate the development of Hong Kong to the increasing number of cardiovascular patients. "Cardiovascular disease usually associated with other diseases including play high cholesterol, low blood pressure, or diabetes and high cholesterol," he said at CardioCare Asian Summit Summit in Hong Kong recently. To address the problem, Chow took a more aggressive strategy to approach the patient, encourage intensive and create peer groups for patients to create a community network to help each other in overcoming problems their disease. Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, Dr. David Waters said the increase in obesity among people in Asia to cause the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Dr David said, the scenario that fueled the high cholesterol plaque thus creating a block blood flow, especially in the coronary arteries. "Although the public informed about the risks of high cholesterol, many continue to ignore it. One major problem for diabetic patients when they fail to realize that when the diagnosis, they need to take different doses of medication each day and the package seriously ill heart causes the quantity of drugs and higher medical costs. "Patients with diabetes should regularly monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease-related complications. It's a very complicated process and takes time and money that many patients do not succeed in maintaining treatment, "he said. Dr. Waters said, the privilege of taking a drug Statins to reduce risk of heart attack, can help prevent cardiovascular disease, thus not limiting heart patients with cholesterol medication. In some cases, doctors prescribe Statins treatment for diabetic patients who have yet to show signs of cardiovascular disease. Statins iatu a drug that is said to reduce the risk of heart attack was invented in the mid-1990s and used to stabilize the cholesterol to a lesser extent. Sales Statins around the world totaling more than U.S. $ 20 billion (RM60.9 billion) each year. Although the Statins, also known as 'aspirin of the 21st century' and received
comprehensive in cardiovascular medicine because of side effects is relatively less , the number of new patients continues to grow as a result of high cholesterol due to dietary behavior and lifestyle choices that are less good. In the meantime, Therapy and Consultant Cardiologist, Hospital Pantai, Datuk Dr N Arumugam advised the people of Malaysia to stop smoking immediately to avoid the risk of heart attack. " Cigarette major cause of heart attacks. If you practice a healthy lifestyle such as exercise without stopping smoking, you actually book remains the same as the risk of death. "Our communities are often less vigilant when there is no history of play in their families. Development of 24-hour food restaurant is indeed a serious contribution towards cardiovascular disease in our country, "he said. Arumugam said, if not an active lifestyle, you are likely to develop heart disease in young age. However, cardiovascular disease more frequently attacks individuals over the age of 40 men's and women menapous.


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