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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Remove trauma surgeons fear


you call it a treatment that involves surgery, Many patients become anxious. This mentality often prevent them from seeking early treatment to all late. However, with increasing technological medicine, surgery according torakoskopik or video-assisted video thoracoscopic surgery (Vats) is a type of thoracic surgery for lung may alter this perception.

Developed around 1990, this procedure is technically include a video camera into the chest through the scope. This method allows doctors to see the contents of the chest cavity by making only a fissure or opening is very small.
This process also allows the surgeon remove the area close to the edge of the lungs and tried to detect the presence of cancer surgery using smaller equipment. Head of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Department of Surgery, University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), Prof Dr Amin Raja Raja Mokhtar , said the procedure involved Vats useful to diagnose certain pneumonia infections, diagnosis of infection or tumor in the chest wall and lung treatment failed repeatedly. "Compared to a more open thoracotomy method, Vats not involve a lot of chest wall muscles and the ribs separated not open . "This causes a decrease in pain, no side effects and duration of postoperative pain and allow patients to return a healthy and active more quickly," he said when met at the UMMC Healthy in Kuala Lumpur, recently. Dr Raja Amin said that the traditional surgery thoracotomy and sternotomy requires the surgeon makes the opening 15 to 20 centimeters but by Vats, only a small aperture is required sufficient to accommodate the size of five millimeter camera or scope of the optical fiber measuring 10 millimeters. "Given the scope of which included small, the possibility of infection and the chest wall is also affected can be reduced, "he said. However, he said, both types of incision opening potential to cause prolonged pain and can lead to bone fracture that requires at least six weeks to heal. "Therefore, patients should reduce strenuous and very active, "he said. Dr Raja Amin said, the advantage Vats, patients can avoid the problem of muscle and bone fracture and thus less pain, duration of stay in hospital a short time and recover faster than can return to daily routine. "However, not all patients undergo this procedure. Among patients who had undergone lung surgery. This is because this procedure may lead to various complications, as well as patients who are able to survive with one lung while the other failure during surgery. "Patients who underwent postoperative chemotherapy or radiotherapy to the lung is not a suitable candidate for Vats," he said. Although the treatment Vats more recognized in Malaysia, there are still many who need training to familiarize themselves with the necessary instruments handled during the procedure. One of the reasons why many experts are not interested is because of discomfort with the method or very familiar with traditional open surgery enable them to view the organs. "Currently, there are not many surgeons who carry out Vats. This procedure, however, was conducted at UMMC. Unfortunately, despite the existing technology here, but there are still many patients who are suitable to use it, it was found too late for treatment, "said Dr Raja Amin, who acknowledge human nature is sure to feel afraid of something beyond their knowledge. He said, what can be done by the experts is to try to reduce patient anxiety and fear through the non-invasive method of treatment, less pain and faster recovery. "Once cured, it is hoped this experience can be shared among more people who may need treatment so more people can benefit.


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