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Friday, 17 February 2012

The psychological impact of sexual, intimate relationship of husband and wife lesion


NON customs of our people for talking about sex. This is because in essence, a culture still considers sex as a forbidden thing to be tried in public - whether for men or women. In fact, sex is a serious matter and for most couples, the issue of erection tension is not something that can be used as funny. According to the study of 300,000 men in Asia, what happens is that when individuals experience sexual problems, it is unlikely the patient will continue to see a doctor and that his plight.

Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, University Prof Dr Low Wah Yu said the research on men's health conducted in Malaysia, including at the international level, the number of men who suffer from chronic diseases are higher than women.
"Usually the men see a doctor for high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. This makes the problem of sexuality is considered merely side issues, "he said, also undertake the task as the Head of Health Development Research Unit at the Faculty of Medicine. This fact leads to the fact that men hesitate to get help and eventually slow to be treated. This is because the average man, no matter what disease and faced somewhat less willing to tell. In this case, the couple encourage men and women are encouraged to quickly seek treatment or assistance. "Every time a workshop or talk about men's health are discussed, very few men in the audience at this occasion. So, what we do is encourage women or couples to bring their loved ones to hear and undergo health checks, "he said while discussing the results of Ideal Sex Survey 2011 released recently. In this case, the quality is not satisfactory erection tension will affect the emotional and psychological needs of the couple. For a man, when the emotional and psychological needs met, it will give a good self-image and make them more confident. To meet the sexual desire, their spouse feel more loved. Dr Low said, doctors are trained to assess the problems faced by men as something serious. This is because, he said, when the patient came in, they are not sure whether they speak with the doctor is right. "For example, a patient came in for high blood pressure and treating the condition, within the health practitioner is aware that there is the possibility of other chronic diseases such as failure strain or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) due to high blood pressure sufferers tend to have ED. "So we need to educate medical practitioners to discuss sexual issues with patients. This is because the survey showed that patients are always ready to listen to issues of sexual development, but they are willing to wait for consultant advice about it, "he said. In this regard, Dr. Low said, it is important for doctors initiate discussions about sexual issues with patients aware the fact that patients are not ready to talk about the matter. Touching on the question whether the maximum tension to make partner happier and satisfied, he turned to survey results of more than 3,000 men in Malaysia which found the majority of men and women admitted erections associated with sexual satisfaction, once thus confirming that the maximum tension to satisfy a partner. Dr Low said with a managing ED drugs, men see the treatment is not limited to restoring the health problems but also exhilarating and satisfying their partners. "Does this also mean that Malaysian women are more concerned with the present greater satisfaction for a long time, again it depends on the age issue. When we talk about the couple even had already reached the 40's, the phase before and after menopause or a man who through endropause phase, they still have the desire for sexual activity, but due to increasing age, the frequency of sexual activity continued to decline. "We need to remember that every men have their sexual nerves, as long as you are sexually active and healthy no matter the age of 80 or 90 years, you can still function normally both men and women, "he said. Dr Low said most people who have ED are due to by health problems such as hypertension, diabetes and angina, and the message is very clear, very chronic diseases related to lifestyle. "Because people are moving fast in tandem with the highly dynamic world, as long as we can modify this lifestyle, there is no reason why the disease Chronic just can not be prevented. "If you had to face this problem, each partner should not reject an erection erection quality issues. This is because in addition to affecting the intimacy between couples, it also can affect the emotional well-being and health, "he said. Dr Low said with the right management approach, all patients can undergo a better quality of life with their partners.


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