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Thursday, 2 February 2012

my 5th and 6th awards


I apologize to the previous award giver, because only now or tonight i just could exphose award because it might be too busy with the real world so a bit neglected in the internet world and thank you because it provides an invaluable appreciation of this, I as the owner of the blog really feel proud has received this award once again thank you ..
you need to know the second award is a gift from a friend of my good blogger, whose award 2 years of blogging awards is my 5th award that is given by and Top 10 creative blogs and friendship award
is my sixth award to be given by
With this two award comes I hope my blog will be grow forward and grow creative such as the name of the top ten creative award.not forget my blog say also thanks to my friends who had many visits to my blog and hopefully will continue to visit to my blog, without you all I was not probably get to this stage ... one again thank you ....


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